Phoenix Among Men Chapter 766

Although most of the phosphorous fire was warded off, a small amount of it nevertheless fell on Ning Yu’s body.

Bared and bared …………

A burning smell came out, followed by Ning Yu’s miserable screams.

After touching Ning Yu’s arm, the phosphorus fire instantly burned towards the inside of his body.

Seeing this, Ning Yu gritted his teeth and directly used the tip of his Evil Punishing Sword to slice off a large piece of flesh from his arm, along with the phosphorous fire.

If he hadn’t done so, soon Ning Yu’s arm would have been pierced through by the phosphorous fire, forming a terrifyingly large hole.

Seeing Ning Yu like that, one had to say that this fellow was also a ruthless person, and did not hesitate to strike at himself.

“What else can you do, just use it, otherwise you won’t have a chance in a moment ……”

Chen Ping said coldly as he held the Dragon Cutting Sword.

Ning Yu frowned slightly, “You want to kill me?”

“Of course, can only you kill me and I can’t kill you?”

Chen Ping felt that Ning Yu’s words were somewhat amusing.

“You can’t kill me, I’m from the Heavenly Law Pavilion, my master is Ni Sidao, if you kill me, my master will definitely take revenge for me, even if you flee to the ends of the earth.

Ning Yu had some panic on his face, being a genius, he did not want to die like this, his Dao had not yet become a great success, he still had a great future ahead of him.

“Who your master is is none of my business, even if your master seeks revenge on me, you won’t be able to see it ……”

Chen Ping said, and the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand stabbed directly towards Ning Yu’s chest.

Seeing that Chen Ping was determined to kill himself, Ning Yu was so frightened that his legs went weak and he actually knelt down to the ground.

“No …… don’t kill me, please don’t kill me ……”

Ning Yu was scared out of his wits and actually knelt down to beg for mercy.

The genius of the Tian Luo Pavilion was actually kneeling down and begging for mercy at this moment, if this were to get out, I was afraid that the entire Tian Luo Pavilion would be laughed at.

But at this moment, Ning Yu couldn’t care less about this, he only wanted to live.

Even when Ning Yu knelt down and begged for mercy, Chen Ping did not show any mercy, because he knew that if he had failed, no one would have given him the chance to live.

Chen Ping was not a good man or woman, and there was only one way to treat his enemies, and that was to kill them.

But just as Chen Ping’s Dragon Cutting Sword was about to pierce into Ning Yu’s chest, suddenly Xiao Lan stopped Chen Ping from the side.

“Chen Ping, you can’t kill him, you don’t know how terrifying the Tian Luo Pavilion is, and even more so, you don’t know how powerful his master is, if you do kill him, the Tian Luo Pavilion will stop at nothing to hunt you down, do you still have fewer enemies now?”

Xiao Lan advised Chen Ping.

Having just killed that Xia Chao, at this moment, the Tianwu Sect’s Sect Master Xiahou Dun was looking for Chen Ping everywhere, if Chen Ping was killing Ning Yu at this moment, with Chen Ping’s current strength, how would he be able to withstand the two organizations, Tianwu Sect and Tianluo Pavilion, hunting him down?

“My enemies are many, so I don’t really care about one more Tian Luo Pavilion ……”

Chen Ping had a cold look on his face.

Whether it was the Tianwu Sect or the Tianluo Pavilion, Chen Ping didn’t care, as the saying goes, soldiers come and go, water comes and goes, Chen Ping knew that there were still many, many people watching him, he had killed Qin Xiaolin, although it was a fair fight in the ring, but he knew that the Qin family would not stop there either.

There was also the unseen Long family, who had already issued a kill order, and Chen Ping was in danger at any time at this moment, except that the Long family only knew that the former young master of the Long family was still alive, but they did not know exactly who it was, which was why Chen Ping had this brief moment of peace.

If the Long family knew that Chen Ping was the youngest master of the Long family, that was when the storm would hit.

“You’re not afraid, but what about the people around you? Do you have the ability to protect them forever? You always have to think about them. ……”

Xiao Lan did not want Chen Ping to offend the entire Tian Luo Pavilion for the sake of killing a single Ning Yu, which was unwise.