Phoenix Among Men Chapter 767

At this moment, Chen Ping’s mind flashed back to Su Yuqi’s sweet smile, flashed back to his parents’ kind smiles, loved ones had always been Chen Ping’s soft spot.

Chen Ping slowly put the Dragon Chopping Sword away, and when that Ning Yu saw this, he was so frightened that he hurriedly got up, turned his head and ran outside.

“Ning Yu, take me away, you take me away with you ……”

Seeing that Ning Yu was going to escape on his own, Ren Sicong was so frightened that he hurriedly went up and hugged Ning Yu’s thighs.

“Get lost ……”

Ning Yu kicked Ren Sicong away.

He was in a difficult position to protect himself and had a good chance of staying alive, so how could he care about Ren Sicong.

Ren Sicong had long since turned incomparably pale with fear at this moment, trembling all over as he tried to slip out.

Only just as he reached the door, he was stopped in his tracks by Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix.

At this moment, both Ren Xian and his wife had been saved and woken up by Sun Simiao, but the two had a demeanor that was obviously much older.

“Dad …… mum ………… I was wrong, I was wrong, please spare me, I will honor you in the future… …”

When Ren Sicong saw that his parents were awake, he hurriedly ran over and knelt down to the ground.

Ren Xian looked at his former son in front of him and his face turned red with anger as he kicked out fiercely.

Ren Xian’s wife also had a complicated look on her face, her eyes were slightly closed and she did not say a word, she did not know what to say, although Ren Sicong was not Ren Xian’s son, it was truly her flesh and blood.

“Mr. Chen, thank you, if it wasn’t for you, our family would have been in trouble ……”

Ren Xian walked up to Chen Ping and said with a grateful face.

“You’re welcome Ren family head, taking money from others to help you, since I asked for your things, of course I have to help you, if Ren family head still fights to live here, I can help you to remove the formation, only this land of the Seven Deadly Furies, it will take some time to suppress it …… ”

Chen Ping said to Ren Xian.

“Don’t bother Mr. Chen, don’t live here anymore …………”

Ren Xian shook his head and sighed slightly, “I will never come here again, not anymore ……”

Looking at Ren Xian that way, Chen Ping is also helpless, after all, a beautiful family, suddenly suffered such a change, anyone can hardly bear.

It was only difficult for a clear official to determine family matters, Chen Ping knew that it would not help if he stayed, so he followed Ren Xian to say goodbye and left with Sun Simiao.

As for what Ren Xian would do to Ren Sicong and how he would treat his wife, those were beyond Chen Ping’s control.

After leaving Ren’s house, Chen Ping followed Sun Simiao and went directly to the office of the Martial Arts League.

At this time, dozens of martial arts masters from Jiangnan and North China had gathered here, and these people were all waiting for Chen Ping, pushing him to become the head of the Martial Alliance.

With Chen Ping’s strength and influence, after Chen Ping sat as the Martial Alliance Master, he would definitely be able to bring the Martial Alliance in Jiangnan and Jiangbei to a higher level.

“Mr. Chen …………”

When they saw Chen Ping coming, the crowd all rose up one after another.

“Mr. Chen …………”

At that moment, an old man with a white beard walked up, followed by a young man behind him.

“Old man Bai, what brings you here?” Chen Ping felt surprised when he saw the old man.

The person who came was none other than Bai Xiushan, the head of the Bai family in Kyoto, while the young man was Bai Zhan Tang.

Chen Ping did not expect anyone from the Bai family to come over.

“Mr. Chen was inaugurated as the head of the Martial Alliance of Jiangnan and Jiangbei Provinces, of course I have to come to congratulate him ……”

Bai Xiushan said with a faint smile.

Chen Ping smiled helplessly, “Have a seat first ……”

After Chen Ping asked Bai Xiushan to sit down, he continued, “I am still junior, how can I be qualified to be this league leader, not to mention that I don’t have the time, I still have a lot of things to take care of ……”

“Mr. Chen, in the entire Jiangnan and Jiangbei provinces, where else is there someone with strength higher than you? Although your seniority is shallow, but the martial arts world is respected by strength, Mr. Chen is the alliance leader, our Bai family will also fully support it.”


Bai Xiushan had come this time to support Chen Ping, after all, with the Bai family’s influence, they could still have a say in Jiangnan and Jiangbei.