Phoenix Among Men Chapter 768

“I do have a lot of things to take care of and have no intention of a*suming the position of any Martial Union League leader, I wish to put more energy into my cultivation ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

After all, Chen Ping’s decision to be or not to be the head of the alliance was his own, so who could force him to do so?

“Mr. Chen, I’m here this time, besides giving you congratulations, there is another thing that needs to be brought to your attention, Qin Xiaotian went to his second brother to take revenge on Qin Xiaolin, that Qin Xiaotian’s second brother went to the Qin clan many years ago, I heard that he even entered the clan shrine, his strength must not be low …… ”

Bai Xiushan whispered a reminder to Chen Ping.

“It’s okay, what should come will always come!” Chen Ping smiled lightly and did not take it to heart.

It was a blessing not a curse, a curse could not be avoided, since there was a dead end following the Qin family, then let them be.

Seeing that Chen Ping himself did not care, Bai Xiushan could not say anything, he could only say, “Mr. Chen’s direction, if the Qin family makes any moves, I will send someone to inform Mr. Chen at the first opportunity.

“Thanks a lot old Bai ……”

Chen Ping followed Bai Xiushan and clasped his fist.

“Mr. Chen, it’s almost time now, look …………”

Sun Simiao looked at the time, then reminded at the side.

Chen Ping glanced at his watch, stood up and said towards the martial dao crowd in the two provinces that were seated, “Gentlemen, thank you for the love you have shown me, but I think I am still too junior to take up the position of the Martial Alliance’s leader, so you should find someone else ……”

Seeing that Chen Ping had refused without hesitation, the crowd was slightly stunned, in their opinion, this Martial Alliance leader was a position that everyone in the martial world envied, but not everyone had the opportunity.

I didn’t expect that Chen Ping had this opportunity, but he didn’t want it and refused it outright.

“Mr. Chen, in the entire Jiangnan and Jiangbei provinces, if you are not qualified to be the League Master, then no one is qualified.

“Right, we only recognize Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen is young, but he can kill a Martial Sect, that is a genius-like existence.

“Mr. Chen, don’t be excusing yourself, we hope to carry forward the martial arts community in Jiangnan and Jiangbei under Mr. Chen’s leadership ……”

Numerous martial arts experts persuaded Chen Ping.

The reason they chose Chen Ping was for their own benefit, after all, if Jiangnan Jiangbei set up a martial arts alliance in Chen Ping’s name and made Chen Ping the alliance leader, then the resources behind Chen Ping would definitely be inclined towards the two provinces of Jiangnan Jiangbei.

Just like the Bai family in Kyoto, if Chen Ping sat as the alliance leader, the Bai family would definitely support the martial alliance in these two provinces.

“Gentlemen, I really don’t have the time to be this alliance leader, so I would ask you all to find another one, but as a Hong Cheng person, if something happens to the martial alliance of Jiangnan and Jiangbei provinces, I will also give my full support.

Chen Ping excused himself, no matter what he would not sit as the Martial Alliance’s leader, it was too much of a waste of energy and time.

Moreover, Chen Ping was an immortal cultivator, and following these people from the martial world was a different path, and there was a difference in the direction of cultivation.

Just as Chen Ping’s words left his mouth, a sudden angry shout came in from outside.

“Who is Chen Ping, come out and suffer death ……”

An angry shout was like a thunderstorm on the ground, shaking the entire house with a buzzing sound, and the eardrums of the crowd almost did not burst.

Chen Ping’s eyebrows frowned slightly, from this angry cry, he could hear that the strength against was very strong, at least Martial Sect strength.

“D*mn it, who is yelling at Mr. Chen outside ……”

Someone stood up and headed out.

Others followed them out, after all, someone was disrespecting Chen Ping in this place, that was not the slightest bit in the eyes of the Martial Union that had just been established in the two provinces.

The crowd swarmed out and saw several people standing outside, led by a middle-aged man with a morose murderous aura in his eyes, and beside that middle-aged man, a young man covered in blood.