Phoenix Among Men Chapter 771

As he spoke, Xiahou Dun’s figure flickered away and his terrifying aura once again came towards Chen Ping.

“I’ll come too ……” Ning Yu saw this and his whole body also leapt up high towards Chen Ping.

Ning Yu originally did not want to fight, since Xiahou Dun could kill Chen Ping, he also happened to fall easy, but when Xiahou Dun said that the sword in Chen Ping’s hand was a precious sword, Ning Yu was moved.

If he made a move to kill Chen Ping, he could get the sword into his own hands, and he believed that Xiahou Dun would not turn against him for the sake of a sword, after all, not everyone was like Chen Ping and did not fear the Tian Luo Pavilion in the slightest.

“Mr. Chen …………”

Seeing the two men attacking together towards Chen Ping, Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix took the lead and charged up, knowing full well that they would die.

Xiaolan then also rushed up without the slightest hesitation, followed by Bai Xiushan and Bai Zhan Tang, the grandfather and grandson.

Among them, Bai Xiushan was the strongest, with the strength of the fifth grade of Grand Master.

But even this strength was not comparable to that of a Martial Master, it was a world of difference.

“Get out if you don’t want to die, anyone who stays here will die ……”

Xiahou Dun saw that someone had actually done something to help Chen Ping, so he roared in anger.

A martial sect getting angry was no joke.

Those martial arts experts from the Martial Union looked at each other and finally all turned around and left quickly.

At this moment, Chen Ping’s defeat was apparent, and they were bound to die if they stayed.

In the face of death, these people all ran away. Originally, they had no dealings with Chen Ping, and the reason why they promoted Chen Ping as the Martial Alliance’s leader was that these people could profit from it.

They did not run, but they did not have the guts to fight either, after all, their strength was not enough for such a fight.

At this moment, Lin Tianhu, Chi Feng and Xiao Lan were facing Ning Yu. Although it was three against one, the three of them were no match for Ning Yu, and with just one glance, the three of them were knocked out by Ning Yu, but they did stop him.

The two grandparents, Bai Xiushan and Bai Zhan Tang, directly stopped Xiahou Dun. Faced with the strength of a Martial Sect, the two grandparents of the Bai family were like a mantis, but even so, they stood in front of them without rebellion.

Xiahou Dun’s palm swung out and Bai Xiushan and Bai Zhan Tang both flew backwards and landed heavily on the ground.

Xiahou Dun did not kill them, after all, they were from the Bai family in Kyoto, and Xiahou Dun still had some scruples.

“If you dare to stop me, kill without amnesty ……”

Xiahou Dun roared in anger.

Chen Ping looked at the few people who were knocked to the ground in front of him, his eyes slowly turned crimson, and the flame of the dragon chopping sword in his hand became a little more fierce.

“You all stand down and are not allowed to help in …… the front.”

Chen Ping said expressionlessly.

“Mr. Chen …………”

Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix had ugly faces and were clearly injured, but they did not want to retreat.

“Stand down ……”

Chen Ping raised his volume, his voice carrying an unquestionable tone.

Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng could only support each other and retreat.

Xiao Lan and the Bai family’s grandfather and grandson all looked at Chen Ping, and finally sighed helplessly and retreated as well.

Even if they put their lives on the line, they were afraid that they would not be able to help Chen Ping much, after all, the difference in strength was too great.

At this moment, when Ning Yu saw Chen Ping walking forward again with the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, a cold aura flashed in his eyes, and instantly a fierce Qi attacked him, followed by that fierce Qi instantly turning into a yoke and wrapping around Chen Ping’s feet.

Ning Yu’s body also moved with him, and with a swift movement, he dodged in front of Chen Ping, and reached out and grabbed Chen Ping’s Dragon Cutting Sword.