Phoenix Among Men Chapter 772

But just as Chen Ping was about to counterattack, he found that Ning Yu’s figure suddenly flew backwards.

After landing on the ground, Ning Yu stumbled and almost didn’t fall to the ground.

“Lord Xiamen, what do you mean?”

Ning Yu asked with a frown as he landed on the ground and looked towards Xiahou Dun.

“This kid’s life, I can only take it, you can just watch from the side, the revenge of killing my son is unbreakable, are you afraid that I alone, can’t kill him?”

Xiahou Dun had actually seen Ning Yu’s petty thoughts long ago, so he stopped him.

Although Ning Yu had anger in his heart, he did not dare to say anything, and could only take a few steps backwards indignantly.

“Kid, I will break you into pieces ……”

As Xiahou Dun finished speaking, a burst of breath rose up from his body, a terrifying aura pressing down on Chen Ping’s body, so much so that Chen Ping could not breathe a little.

“Whether you can kill me or not is still an unknown ……”

Chen Ping raised his Zenglong Sword, which was in Chen Ping’s hand at the moment, constantly emitting a humming sound, also seemed to be cheering Chen Ping on.

The two eyes of Xiahou Dun were slightly fixed, putting all his attention on that Chopping Dragon Sword, and it could be seen that he was showing considerable interest in this sword.

When Chen Ping saw that this Xiahou Dun was very fond of this Chopping Dragon Sword, he suddenly had a plan and his aura was withdrawn, and his whole body was almost overwhelmed by Xiahou Dun’s aura.

Chen Ping was acting very dishevelled at the moment, seemingly unable to gather his strength and was following Xiahou Dun to the fight.

Seeing Chen Ping’s aura instantly wilt, the corner of Xiahou Dun’s mouth raised “Martial arts is all about stability and building a good foundation, I don’t know what techniques you have used to get yourself to the strength of a Grand Master at a young age, but in the end, it is just a vain appearance, now I kill you, or is it an unknown?”

Chen Ping’s face is very ugly, wearing a big mouth of rough air, his eyes with a little bit of prayer looked at Xiahou Dun said, “I give you the Zenglong sword in my hand, you spare my life, if you do not agree, the big deal is that I follow the Zenglong sword with the destruction, this is an ancient treasure sword …… ”

Chen Ping intended to use the Zenglong Sword in his hand to save one of his own lives.

Xiahou Dun did not expect Chen Ping to make such a request and was slightly stunned.

Lin Tianhu and the others, too, were frozen.

“What’s wrong with Mr. Chen? Is it possible that he is stupid? This is a revenge for killing his son, even if he gave the sword to that Xiahou Dun, how could he possibly let Mr. Chen go ……”

Lin Tianhu said with a face full of puzzlement.

“Today Mr. Chen is acting very strange ah, this is not like his style ……”

Red Phoenix also looked on with a confused face, not understanding what Chen Ping was doing here.

Bai Xiushan did not say anything, but his eyes slightly stared at what was in front of him, although he had not followed Chen Ping for a long time, but he could be sure that Chen Ping was definitely not someone who was condescending and greedy for life and death, there must be a reason why Chen Ping did this.

At this moment, Xiahou Dun was slightly stunned and gave Chen Ping a glance. He originally thought that Chen Ping was a man of character, but he did not expect that he would be a coward in the face of life and death.

However, the revenge of killing his son, Xiahou Dun how could let Chen Ping go, but in order to get the dragon chopping sword first, Xiahou Dun still nodded and said: “If you can give me this sword, I can spare your life, but the death penalty can be exempted, but the living crime is difficult to escape, you must go up the mountain to guard my son’s tomb for three years …… ”

Xiahou Dun did not dare to promise too quickly, he was afraid that Chen Ping would become suspicious.

“Good, as long as you do not kill me, not to mention guarding the tomb for three years, even if it is ten years ……”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, he raised his hand and threw the Dragon Cutting Sword to Xiahou Dun.

Xiahou Dun’s body was wrapped in strong qi before he reached out to accept the Dragon Chopping Sword, he was afraid that Chen Ping would play a trick.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.