Phoenix Among Men Chapter 775

“Chop …………”

Suddenly, Chen Ping let out a roar, followed by his internal breath rising up, and the flames on the Zeng Long Sword disappeared, replaced by a golden light.

By the golden light, the big black and brown net that was originally shrouded overhead actually disappeared instantly, seemingly hiding from the golden light.

Chen Ping chopped out with his sword, his sword qi surging, and countless sword maces enveloped that Xiahou Dun.

Boom …………

Afterwards, the sword maces coalesced together and fell towards Xiahou Dun.

The black energy that was wrapped around his body seemed to be afraid of the golden light, and it actually dissipated a lot.

“Armor of Darkness ……”

Xiahou Dun let out a roar, behind his body once again rose up black-brown energy, and then quickly wrapped around his whole body.

Ka-ching …………

At this moment, Chen Ping’s sword aura had already arrived and viciously slashed at Xiahou Dun’s body.

But the moment it touched, the sword mane instantly collapsed and disappeared, while Xiahou Dun’s body only swayed a little and did not suffer any damage.

Chen Ping propped himself up on the ground with his sword, that sword just now had used up almost all of his spiritual energy, and although the Zenglong Sword in his hand kept humming and seemed to be full of battle intent, Chen Ping was unable to fight any longer.

Chen Ping’s face was very pale, as if he had just recovered from a serious illness.

“Kid, this time I’ll see if you still have the ability to block this blow from me ……”

After Xiahou Dun finished speaking, he slowly raised his hand, an invisible aura coalesced in Xiahou Dun’s hand, followed by a fierce swing, pressing towards Chen Ping.

Chen Ping was already unable to resist this strike from Xiahou Dun, even with a strong body, but this time Chen Ping knew that he would be seriously injured even if he did not die.

At this moment, Chen Ping even felt the taste of death, a sense of suffocation that pressed him to catch his breath.

“Chen Ping ……”

Suddenly, a delicate cry sounded behind him, followed by the figure of Xiao Lan blocking in front of Chen Ping.

Boom …………

Xiaolan was hit hard and her entire body instantly flew backwards.

Seeing this, Chen Ping directly caught Xiao Lan who had been struck away. Looking at Xiao Lan with her face ashen and her mouth and nose bleeding, Chen Ping’s eyes were filled with anger.

“It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have let you release that Ning Yu’s …………”

Xiao Lan was breathless and looked at Chen Ping with a guilty face.

“Stop it, don’t you say anything ……”

Chen Ping hurriedly pressed on Xiaolan’s wrist and began to check Xiaolan’s injuries.

Xiao Lan was badly injured, and almost all of her internal organs had been badly injured.

However, Chen Ping’s spiritual power was now depleted, so there was no way to treat Xiaolan.

“Xiaolan, you must not sleep, you must not sleep ……”

Seeing that Xiaolan’s eyes were slowly closing, Chen Ping hurriedly shouted.

But no matter how much Chen Ping shouted, Xiaolan’s eyes slowly closed at last.

Looking at Xiaolan, who had lost her breath, Chen Ping’s body was trembling slightly.

This was the first person who had died for his sake, and the anger in Chen Ping’s heart burned up.

“Ah …………”

Chen Ping threw back his head and roared, his eyes turning crimson.

And this roar of Chen Ping’s was surprisingly not a human shout to other people’s ears, it sounded like a dragon’s roar, like the sound of a dragon’s roar.

This roar could be heard clearly by all of them in a ten-mile radius.

Lin Tianhu and the others who were at the scene hurriedly covered their ears with their hands, acting in great pain.

Even Xiahou Dun was shocked by this sound and his body backed up.

Chen Ping slowly put Xiao Lan on the ground and got up to look at Xiahou Dun in front of him. In front of Chen Ping’s chest, a red light seemed to shine out from Chen Ping’s body.

Chen Ping’s body was surprisingly slowly changing, becoming as if it was transparent, and the bright red heart beating one after another could be seen clearly.

“What …… is wrong with Mr. Chen?”

Looking at the changes in Chen Ping, Lin Tianhu and the others were stunned.