Phoenix Among Men Chapter 776

Xiahou Dun saw the change in Chen Ping’s body and was also wide-eyed, he had never seen such a vision before.

Buzzing …………

The censer in Chen Ping’s arms flew out on its own and began to grow in size, turning into a one-person high bronze censer.

And something seemed to be burning in the bronze censer, and white mist was constantly coming out. Chen Ping’s body was rapidly absorbing the white mist, which was not mist, but spiritual energy, and spiritual energy was actually coming out of the bronze censer.

At that time when Chen Ping got the Shennong Cauldron, he did not detect a trace of spiritual qi on it, but at this moment, a large amount of spiritual qi was coming out of the Cauldron like a well, and this spiritual qi was rapidly being absorbed by Chen Ping.

This Shennong Cauldron is an ancient divine artifact, and there were many immortal pills that came from this Cauldron.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Xiahou Dun’s brow furrowed tightly, he did not expect that Chen Ping had quite a few treasures in his hands.

“Duke Ning, you and I will cooperate and kill this Chen Ping together, when the time comes for the two treasures, you can pick one ……”

Xiahou Dun said as he looked to Ning Yu at the side.

After the fight just now, Xiahou Dun’s energy was also consumed a lot, originally he thought that Chen Ping would definitely die, but he did not want such a change to happen.

He couldn’t figure out what other treasures Chen Ping had, so that he wouldn’t be standing in front of Chen Ping alive when his energy was depleted.

So Xiahou Dun intended to join Ning Yu and kill Chen Ping together to avoid a long night ……

“No problem …………”

After Ning Yu finished speaking, he waved the Evil Punishing Sword in his hand, and a fierce Qi turned into a shackle, directly locking Chen Ping up.

Xiahou Dun also took the opportunity to wave his hands, re-laying a large black and brown net, enveloping several people in it, as he tried to prevent Chen Ping from escaping.

Chen Ping was bound, but did not struggle or break free, but greedily absorbed the spiritual energy bubbling up from the Shennong Cauldron.

The Dragon Cutting Sword in Chen Ping’s hand was also greedily absorbing the spiritual energy, and the sword kept buzzing.

“Take a life ……”

Ning Yu saw that Chen Ping was bound by himself and did not struggle, so he took the Evil Punishing Sword and leapt up, stabbing it towards Chen Ping.

Chen Ping acted as if he didn’t see Ning Yu’s attack, his Heart Condensing Technique was running at a rapid pace, and the aura within his dantian was recovering rapidly.

And Chen Ping’s body slowly began to recover again, a faint golden light could still be seen flickering on his bare skin.

“Ding …………”

Ning Yu stabbed his sword at Chen Ping’s chest, but it made a crisp sound, as if he had stabbed at an iron plate.

Ning Yu froze for a moment, and then there was an increase of a few points in the force in his hand.

Poof ……

Only to see the Evil Punishing Sword pierce through Chen Ping’s skin, and a drop of blood flowed out along the Evil Punishing Sword.

“Hahahaha …… even if the body is stronger, it is still the same to be pierced by me!”

Ning Yu began to laugh out loud when he saw Chen Ping injured.

At this moment, Chen Ping was bound and had no chance to fight back, so Ning Yu also let his guard down, intending to increase his force by a few points.

Swish …………

Just as Ning Yu was about to increase his strength and pierce Chen Ping with his sword, a cold flash suddenly pa*sed before his eyes.

Ning Yu then froze and looked down to find that his hand, which was holding the Evil Punishing Sword, had been cut off flush from his wrist.

Fresh blood flowed out like a gush.

“Ah …………”

It took a few seconds before the intense pain reached Ning Yu’s brain, and Ning Yu screamed out in agony.

Chen Ping was bound, but that Zhan Long Sword had long since fused with Chen Ping, achieving the unity of man and sword.

Chen Ping could completely control the Dragon Cutting Sword with his mind and cut off Ning Yu’s wrist.