Phoenix Among Men Chapter 780

Just as Yu Dong was about to put the hood on Chen Ping, Xu Changsheng reached out to stop it.

“No need to wear it, Brother Chen is not an outsider, in the future, when you know the way, Brother Chen can come to …… often by himself.”

Xu Changsheng’s words were so intimate that it warmed Chen Ping’s heart to hear them.

When Yu Dong saw that Xu Changsheng had said so, he also put his headgear away.

A few people walked towards the mountain, surrounded by towering trees, with only a sheep’s intestine path in the middle of the trees, but the path was very shiny, and it was obvious that many people had walked through it.

The road was rugged, but to Chen Ping and the others, it was nothing, but to ordinary people, it was insurmountable.

It was a full day and night’s walk, in the middle of which Xu Changsheng gave Xiaolan another Life Renewing Pill, while Chen Ping kept channeling spiritual energy to sustain Xiaolan’s life.

“Brother Chen, Pill God Valley is here ……”

Xu Changsheng said as he pointed.

Chen Ping looked and found that the front was just a foggy haze, and he could not see anything at all, but when Chen Ping’s divine sense spread out, he immediately noticed that there was indeed a valley entrance in front of him, and at the entrance of the valley there were four people standing guard.

This kind of place, even if no one was guarding it, if no one from the Pill God Valley led the way, I was afraid that I would not be able to find it, it was like a paradise outside the world.

“It really is a good place, it’s just that this fog is a bit redundant ……”

Chen Ping said, flexing his fingers, a spiritual power instantly struck into the top of a large stone on the side.

Suddenly the stone glowed three times, while the fog in front of him dissipated at a speed visible to the naked eye, and finally disappeared without a trace.

The entrance to the Pill God Valley was revealed, and the four men standing guard at the entrance hurriedly threw themselves over after seeing Xu Changsheng and knelt down on one knee: “Greetings to the Grand Elder’s return to the valley ……”

Not bad at the moment Xu Changsheng didn’t even look at those four people, but looked at Chen Ping with some surprise.

“Brother Chen, how did you know where the eye of our Pill God Valley formation is?”

Xu Changsheng asked in surprise.

“This place is set up with the lowest level of psychedelic formation, this kind of formation can be easily broken as long as you find where the eyes of the formation are, nothing difficult ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

This kind of the lowest level formation was really child’s play to Chen Ping.

Although Chen Ping said it with ease, but in Xu Changsheng’s eyes, it felt incredible.

Chen Ping’s strength was not bad, he could also refine pills, and now he could even know formations, this was simply a miracle talent.

“Just this simple formation, it was still laid at the beginning of the founding of my Medicine God Valley, we people only know how to open and close it, but we simply can’t see where the mysteries of these formations lie, it seems that I will have to follow Brother Chen more in the future to learn ……”

Xu Changsheng said it with sincerity, without the slightest hint of pretence!

“Elder Xu is very kind ……”

Chen Ping felt somewhat flattered, after all, with a strength like Xu Changsheng’s, many people were high-minded and arrogant, where would they say such words.

The four disciples of the Pill God Valley all gave Chen Ping a slightly surprised look, they could not believe for a moment that their own Grand Elder was being so polite to a young brat.

Although puzzled, no one dared to say anything, they were the ones watching the gate at the Pill God Valley, and usually did not even have the qualifications to follow Xu Changsheng to speak, not to mention Xu Changsheng, even Yu Dong, who was beside Xu Changsheng, they had to be respectful when they saw him.

“Grand Elder, Mr. Chen, we have rushed for so long, let’s go into the valley and talk ……”

Yu Dong said.

“Yes, go into the valley first, I’ll gather the others together to discuss and see how to heal this girl’s injuries ……”

Xu Changsheng nodded hastily.

Chen Ping carried Xiao Lan and walked inside the Pill God Valley with Xu Changsheng and Yu Dong.