Phoenix Among Men Chapter 781

Entering the valley, Chen Ping found that the entire valley was very wide and densely packed with buildings, not knowing how many times bigger than the Miao Village.

However, what was strange to Chen Ping was that there were many ordinary people constantly pa*sing through the Pill God Valley, and there were also many children playing and joking around, not every one of them was a martial artist, and not everyone knew how to refine pills.

Looking at Chen Ping’s puzzled expression, Xu Changsheng explained, “Brother Chen, we have tens of thousands of people in this Pill God Valley now, but not everyone practices martial arts, nor does everyone know how to refine pills, to put it mildly we are more like a big village here ……”

Afterwards, Xu Changsheng followed Chen Ping and talked about the history of the Pill God Valley, and only then did Chen Ping realize that the Pill God Valley turned out to be not as mysterious and scary as the outside world had rumored.

In fact, the Pill God Valley used to be some villagers who fled to escape the war and found this valley, so they settled down here and lived a life free from the world.

Although this place was secluded, it was not completely unconnected to the outside world, and slowly some martial arts experts who were tired of the secular world, and some Taoists who were dedicated to cultivation, also found this place to live.

Soon some of the people here learned to practise martial arts and some learned Daoism, and the formations within this Pill God Valley were laid during that period and have endured for hundreds of years.

And a hundred years ago, an old man came to the valley, an old man with great medical skills, who exorcised the people of the valley from their illnesses and could also make pills to make people strong and healthy, and most of all, to prolong their lives.

Soon, many people followed the old man to learn the art of healing and alchemy, and slowly many talented people learned the art of healing and alchemy, and the life expectancy of the people in the Pill God Valley was extended.

At the end of the day, the old man said he had gone into retreat and there was no trace of him.

After the old man’s disappearance, people from the valley continued to go outside, seeing patients and refining pills for people to earn some supplies, while others got a taste of the sweetness of the flowery world outside and chose to stay outside and enjoy the glory and wealth ……

Gradually, people in the outside world called this valley the Pill God Valley, and the people inside the valley went along with it, and this Pill God Valley was not a deliberate name.

“Mr. Chen, the reason why the rules within our valley do not allow outsiders to come in easily is also because we are afraid that after those people know that the Pill God Valley is not that mysterious, they will hit the Pill God Valley, and then these people in the valley will be afraid of suffering ……”

Yu Dong followed Chen Ping and explained.

Chen Ping nodded, there are so many ordinary people in the Pill God Valley, and many people know that there are many spiritual pills here, if they really have evil intentions, the people in the valley will really suffer.

Many people would lose their minds in the face of huge profits, especially those so-called martial artists, whose desire for strength exceeded anyone else’s.

Xu Changsheng led Chen Ping and the others towards a large hall in the centre of the valley. The hall was made of green stone and was very large, over twenty metres high, making it the largest and tallest building in the entire valley.

Having walked all the way to the entrance of the great hall, Yu Dong stopped in his tracks, “Mr. Chen, you should follow the Grand Elder inside, this is the Pill God Hall, only those at the Elder level can enter, I’ll wait outside ……”

Chen Ping nodded and followed Xu Changsheng inside the Pill God Hall, only to see the hall was drenched in smoke, surrounded by a number of incense burners emitting smoke, these smoke carried a faint herbal smell, but after smelling it, it was quite refreshing.

In the middle of the hall was a one-person-high bronze censer, the inside of which was still steaming, surrounded by several people who were constantly adding various herbs to it.