Phoenix Among Men Chapter 785

Chen Ping’s divine sense spread out instantly, and he intended to use it to poke around and see what was going on.

However, Chen Ping’s divine sense just spread out, it was like hitting an invisible wall, instantly bouncing back, unable to spread out at all.

Chen Ping opened his eyes and looked a few metres in front of him, any stretched out his hands and kept groping for something in the air.

“Mr. Chen, what are you doing?”

Yu Dong was puzzled by Chen Ping’s behavior and could not help but ask.

“Barricade the eyes, we have been running for so long, we have actually never left this place at all, that’s why we see the exact same mountains on both sides of the road ……”

A faint red light emanated from Chen Ping’s hand, and under the red light, a wall that appeared to be like a ripple on the surface of water appeared in front of them.

“Could it be that a formation has been laid here to prevent others from going inside the valley?”

Yu Dong said in a slightly enlightened voice.

“It should be, except I haven’t found where the eyes of this formation are yet, and how to break this formation ……”

Chen Ping nodded and said.

“Couldn’t there be something else deep in this valley? Why did you have to lay the formation?” Yu Dong was puzzled.

“I’m not sure about that, now we can only really enter the depths of the valley if we go through this wall ……”

The red light on Chen Ping’s hand grew stronger and stronger, while the wall became clearer and clearer.

Yu Dong stepped forward and gently touched the wall that was like gla*s, but as soon as Yu Dong reached out, his own arm went through the wall, followed by Yu Dong walking straight through it.

This surprised Yu Dong: “Mr. Chen, didn’t I walk through here? It’s nothing special ah ……”

Chen Ping shook his head: “You didn’t go through it, now you go forward, it’s still the same scene, really go through this wall, the place you reach should be another scene, you don’t understand this, I can’t explain to you in detail, this is like three and four dimensional space in general, go through this wall, it’s the same as going to another space… …”

“A space portal?” Yu Dong blurted out, “Mr. Chen, although I know that some formations are very peculiar, but what you said is too outrageous, how can there be such a formation ……”

Yu Dong simply did not believe it, but at this time Chen Ping was not talking, but slowly pushed his hand towards that wall.

Slowly, Chen Ping’s arms went through, and at this moment, in Yu Dong’s eyes, Chen Ping was the same as suddenly having no arms.

Yu Dong’s eyes widened, “Mr. Chen, your arms, why are your arms missing?”

Chen Ping looked at his body and instead of panicking, he said with a happy expression, “I seem to know how to get through ……”

Immediately afterwards, Chen Ping’s body lurched forward, and then Chen Ping personally appeared as if he was in another dimension, and the scenery on both sides instantly changed a lot.

“Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen …………”

And at this time Yu Dong actually suddenly found Chen Ping missing, so anxiously shouted.

“Wait for me here, I’ll go check it out first ……”

Chen Ping’s voice came, but Chen Ping’s figure could not be seen at all, and only at this time did Yu Dong somewhat believe what Chen Ping said.

“This is the so-called boundary, right?” Chen Ping looked at the scenery on both sides and recalled that Old Leader had once told him about this.

The so-called boundary was to close off a place with a formation, while to outsiders, they could not discover that this one place had disappeared, to say the least, where Chen Ping was, was still within the Pill God Valley, and had not gone to some other space.

The mountains on both sides were still the same, but with some changes, the trees on the mountains were denser and many animals could be seen.