Phoenix Among Men Chapter 786

Chen Ping found that this place was off the beaten track because of the boundary, and it was estimated that there had been no sign of human activity for decades.

When many animals saw the sudden appearance of Chen Ping, they were all scared and hid.

Chen Ping walked slowly along the valley, looking at the peaks on both sides every now and then. Since someone had placed a boundary here, there must be something that he did not want people to see.

Chen Ping had been walking for more than half an hour when a straight mountain peak blocked the way, this should be the end of the Pill God Valley, but it was almost impossible to climb out of the valley from this mountain peak, nearly a hundred meters mountain peak, straight towering, even an expert of Martial Sect strength could not climb up.

“There’s nothing here either, huh?”

Chen Ping frowned slightly, followed by his divine sense spreading out, hundreds of meters in circumference were presented in Chen Ping’s mind.

Soon, Chen Ping found a cave a dozen metres high on the mountain peak to his left, but because it was hidden by trees, Chen Ping did not find it, and if he had not used his divine sense to probe, Chen Ping would not have found it.

The cave entrance was so small that only one person could fit inside. To prevent any accidents, Chen Ping used his divine sense to probe inside the cave and found nothing.

There were no living creatures inside the cave, and there was no spiritual energy emanating from the cave, proving that there were no treasures either.

Slowly, he stretched out his right hand and a flame pulsed in his palm, brightening up the entrance of the cave at once.

Chen Ping walked into the cave and saw that it was very dark and damp inside, the stone walls were still covered with moss and irregular stones were piled up everywhere, so it was obvious that someone had lived here.

By the light of the flame, Chen Ping slowly tried to walk inside, and kept walking for more than twenty metres before the cave started to become dry, followed by a sudden opening up in front of him, appearing like a hall of several dozen square metres.

In the middle of the hall there was a table with candles on it, but the candles had been extinguished long ago.

When Chen Ping moved his gaze to the other side, he was directly shocked to see a thin, wrinkled old man sitting cross-legged on a stone bench.

The old man’s eyes were slightly closed and he was motionless, his white beard was half a metre long, but the old man’s body was also covered with dust, so he had obviously not moved for a long time.

Chen Ping settled his mind and covered the old man with his divine sense, only to find that the old man had long since ceased to breathe.

But looking at the old man, it was as if he had just sat down, the whole person was as vivid as if he was alive, and in front of the old man, there was a yellow book, which was also covered with dust.

When Chen Ping blew gently, the dust on the yellow book was blown away, and the words on the book were revealed.

The Supreme Dan Record!

Chen Ping looked at the book in front of him and felt curious, could this be a book on alchemy? What was recorded inside was all the Dan secrets?

Chen Ping slowly picked up the yellow book.

But when Chen Ping’s hand had just touched the book, suddenly the book burst into flames, instantly burning the book to nothing.

Chen Ping was stunned and was instantly chagrined, he thought that he had accidentally used the flame on his palm to ignite the Dan Book.

But just as Chen Ping was chagrined, a brilliant light suddenly flashed in his mind, followed by countless Dan recipes flashing out in Chen Ping’s mind.

“Young man, you have inherited my supreme Dan Record, you need to carry forward my Pill God Valley …………”

An old voice rang out in Chen Ping’s mind, a voice full of vicissitudes.