Phoenix Among Men Chapter 787

Chen Ping instinctively looked at the old man in front of him, and at that moment, the old man’s corpse actually began to change, the original lifelike corpse actually began to turn black little by little, and then the whole body shrank down, and in the end, it actually turned into a pile of dead bones.

At this moment, the cave began to shake and rocks began to fall down, obviously about to collapse.

Seeing this, Chen Ping hurriedly ran out and just as he ran out of the cave, the whole cave was buried.

Looking at the buried cave, Chen Ping was a little speechless.

He only wanted to see what kind of book it was, he didn’t want to inherit the Pill God Valley, did he?

Chen Ping had no time to manage the Pill God Valley, as he still had to carry it forward.

He had a lot of his own business to attend to.

But now that the Supreme Dan Record was already in Chen Ping’s mind, it was useless to say anything, so he could only take one step and see what happened.

Leaping down from the mountain, Chen Ping began to walk back.

Just after walking a short distance, he ran into Yu Dong who came running in a hurry.

“Mr. Chen …………”

Yu Dong shouted hurriedly after seeing Chen Ping.

“Yu Dong, how did you get in?”

Chen Ping was a bit puzzled, with the boundary blocking him, how was Yu Dong able to get in?

“I don’t know, I just kept walking like this and I saw you ……”

Yu Dong also had full of doubts.

Chen Ping used his divine sense to probe and found that the wall that existed, surprisingly, was no longer there, presumably because he had entered the cave.

However, Chen Ping did not say anything, but followed Yu Dong back together.

“Mr. Chen, did you find anything here? Could there be treasures?”

Yu Dong was not stupid, he knew that since someone had set up such a large formation here in the Pill God Valley, it must be to protect something from people just entering.

“There’s nothing!” Chen Ping shook his head.

Yu Dong gave Chen Ping a look, and the thin clothes really couldn’t hide anything either.

Full of doubts, Yu Dong followed Chen Ping backwards, and before he could reach the place where he was staying, he ran into Xu Changsheng who had hurriedly arrived.

“Brother Chen, why have you come out? Our valley master has returned and wants to see you now ……”

Xu Changsheng was a little surprised to see that Chen Ping had actually walked back from outside, so he said.

“Oh, stayed a bit bored, asked Yu Dong to take me out for some fresh air ……”

Chen Ping didn’t betray Yu Dong: “Let’s go ……”

Xu Changsheng didn’t think much about it, so he led Chen Ping towards the Pill God Hall.

“Brother Chen, our valley master has an eccentric personality, he is a real person who cultivates magic, and he is also perfect in alchemy, when you meet him, you must not be impetuous, keep a low profile, your friend will definitely be saved ……”

Xu Changsheng was on his way, admonishing Chen Ping.

Chen Ping just nodded and did not speak, he still did not know what to say, this Medicine God Valley, someone inherited to him.

Soon, Xu Changsheng led Chen Ping into the main hall, at this moment several other elders were kneeling on the ground, and that Xu Changsheng also knelt down directly as soon as he entered.

“Valley Master, Brother Chen has brought ……”

It could be seen that these elders were very fearful of this Pill God Valley Master.

Chen Ping looked at the Pill God Valley Master on top of the main hall, only to see that Pill God Valley had a head of white hair, but his face was very rosy, his skin was like that of a baby, his crane hair was childlike, and he was wearing a Daoist robe, quite an immortal look.

Chen Ping’s eyebrows suddenly furrowed slightly when he first saw the Pill God Valley Master, he could feel the blood aura from the Pill God Valley Master, a very strong blood aura, even though the Pill God Valley Master was trying hard to cover up the blood aura with his breath, but Chen Ping still noticed it.

In addition to the bloody aura, the aura on the Pill God Valley Master’s body was not even the slightest bit the same as Xu Changsheng and the elders, as if the Pill God Valley Master did not belong to this Pill God Valley.