Phoenix Among Men Chapter 790

Chen Ping clenched his teeth, this kind of alchemy technique is no different from those evil cultivators, it is possible that this Pill God Valley master is an evil cultivator.

Chen Ping’s eyes slowly looked at the Pill God Valley master, this guy really played a good game.

The Pill God Valley had a good reputation for saving lives and helping the injured, but no one would have thought that the owner of the Pill God Valley, which had such a good reputation, was an evil cultivator who used the hearts of babies to make pills.

Unconsciously, a murderous aura flowed out of Chen Ping’s body, and throughout the restaurant, the atmosphere froze up.

“Brother Chen, what’s wrong with you? This Life Enhancement Pill is a good thing ……”

Xu Changsheng saw the murderous aura rising from Chen Ping’s body and was still looking deadly at the Pill God Valley Valley Master, so he asked in a small voice.

“Good stuff?” Chen Ping snorted coldly, followed by casually crushing the Life Enhancement Pill with his hand, instantly filling the room with a thick blood smell.

“Kid, you are too unreasonable, if you don’t eat this Life Enhancement Pill, you can give it to us, it’s a shame to waste it like this ……”

The Third Elder was furious and stood up to accuse Chen Ping.

“Brother Chen, what are you doing?” Xu Changsheng frowned.

“Doing what? This kind of elixir made from a baby’s heart, I wouldn’t dare to take a bite, even if it could increase my life by a hundred years, so what? I’m afraid of the wrath of heaven ……”

Chen Ping said with a gloomy face.

Hearing Chen Ping’s words, everyone was stunned, while that Pill God Valley Valley Master’s eyes faintly stared, and his body was aura began to rise up.

“What nonsense are you talking about? This is not the first time we have taken this life increasing pill, how could it be refined from a baby’s heart, how could our valley master use the means of an evil cultivator to refine the pill ……”

The second elder got up with a slap on the table and roared at Chen Ping.

The other elders also got up and pointed accusing fingers at Chen Ping.

At this moment, Xu Changsheng’s face also changed slightly, “Brother Chen, our valley master has been in Pill God Valley for thirty years, and countless people have been saved by his hands, you cannot slander our valley master ……”

“I slander him?” Chen Ping smiled coldly, followed by his hands squeezing the spell, a golden light suddenly appeared and shone towards that Pill God Valley Master, “Today I will let you take a good look at whether your Valley Master is an evil cultivator or not ……”

“How dare you, dare to make a move against our valley master ……”

Several elders saw this and fiercely struck out towards Chen Ping.

Several elders could be Martial Sects, strong, Chen Ping alone facing the attack of several elders, it was impossible for him to carry the load.

“Healing millions of people immortals can be expected, those who are good at healing the sick should not be deceived to give. Delight in the city of Chang’an and make people live as long as the Western Queen Mother.”

Just as several elders were attacking Chen Ping, Chen Ping suddenly recited a few words, but it was these few words that instantly caused several elders to stop their hands and freeze on the spot.

And that Xu Changsheng looked at Chen Ping with an excited expression, “Brother Chen, say, who told you these few words?”

“These are the first few words of the Supreme Dan Record, and aren’t they also the tenets of your Pill God Valley?”

Chen Ping said slowly.

Hearing the words Supreme Dan Record, Xu Changsheng became even more excited and grabbed Chen Ping’s collar with both hands, “How do you know the Supreme Dan Record? That was written by the old valley master’s life’s work, you have met the old valley master? Where is he?”

Chen Ping was about to follow Xu Changsheng’s explanation when he felt a strong wind strike him, the Pill God Valley Master had made a move against Chen Ping.

The terrifying strong qi arrived in an instant, directly catching Chen Ping off guard.

But just as that strong qi reached Chen Ping, Xu Changsheng on the side waved fiercely and a barrier appeared, blocking the strong qi.

“Elder Xu, do you want to rebel?”

The Pill God Valley Master frowned and stared angrily at Xu Changsheng.