Phoenix Among Men Chapter 791

“Valley Master, since Brother Chen knows about the Supreme Dan Record, he must have met the old Valley Master, we just want to know where the old Valley Master is now ……”

Xu Changsheng explained.

“Now I am your Valley Master, I now order you to kill this fellow ……”

The Pill God Valley Master’s eyes glared as he ordered loudly.

When Xu Changsheng heard this, a difficult look appeared on his face, while several other elders, too, did not make a move.

Seeing that several of the elders did not make a move, the Pill God Valley Master was instantly enraged.

“b*****ds, I have raised you for thirty years and given you life increasing pills, and you actually disobeyed my orders for the sake of that old thing from before, I will kill all of you ……”

The Pill God Valley Master was furious, the clothes on his body suddenly windless, while the whole room began to shake.

“Exit before you say anything ……”

Chen Ping saw that the house was about to collapse and hastily retreated.

Seeing this, Xu Changsheng and the other hurried elders also ran out in fear and haste.

Rumble …………

Just as Chen Ping and the others ran out, the house collapsed straight away, while that Pill God Valley Master’s figure was suspended in mid-air.

“Elder Xu, I will give you one more chance to kill this Chen Ping, this is an order ……”

The Pill God Valley Master looked down at Xu Changsheng, his eyes cold as he ordered.

“Elder Xu, if you believe me, just stand aside and watch, your current valley master is an evil cultivator, that life increasing pill is made from a baby’s heart, truth be told, the mantle of the old valley master of Pill God Valley has been pa*sed on to me, now the entire contents of the Supreme Dan Record, no one but me knows it anymore, when I destroy this evil cultivator, I will naturally explain it to you properly ……”

Chen Ping said to Xu Changsheng with a serious face.

Xu Changsheng was in a difficult position, he didn’t know whether he should believe Chen Ping or not, but Chen Ping was able to say the tenet proposed by the old valley master and could say the Supreme Dan Record, it didn’t seem like a lie at all.

The valley master in front of him, who had also spent thirty years together, had not found anything wrong, and had even given them life increasing pills from time to time.

“Kid, you said you know the entire contents of the Supreme Dan Record, so tell us what is the most proud of the pills that our old valley master has developed with great dedication?”

At this moment, the Third Elder asked Chen Ping.

“The Gathering Spirit and Training Form Pill!” Chen Ping blurted out, “This elixir can bring back the dead, condense the spirit and gather the body, even if the flesh is rotten, as long as there is still a soul, one can rely on the elixir to gather the body and train the form, and grow a flesh body again!”

Chen Ping’s words caused several elders to be stunned, because what Chen Ping said was exactly right, and it was also explained in a clear manner.

They had to know that this Pill was developed by the Old Valley Master throughout his life, and apart from the Old Valley Master, only a few of them had heard the Old Valley Master mention it, only that the method of refining it had never been mentioned by the Old Valley Master to anyone.

This time, Xu Changsheng and the few elders had to believe it, Chen Ping must have met the Old Valley Master, or else he wouldn’t know this.

“Hmph, you traitors, the rules within Pill God Valley, those who do not obey the Valley Master’s orders will be killed ……”

The Pill God Valley Master was furious when he saw several elders following Chen Ping and asking questions, but just not doing anything.

After saying that, his hands drew a talisman in mid-air, followed by a pinch of spell to urge.

At once, fog began to rise from the entire Pill God Valley, very little at first, but in the end, it covered the whole valley.

One should know that this was noon, and it was impossible for fog to rise within the Pill God Valley at this time of the day, so it was obviously the work of the Pill God Valley Master.

The fog was so thick that it soon clouded the entire valley, making it impossible to see anything.

Soon, the fog began to rise upwards and immediately formed a cloud in mid-air, which, under the sunlight, was colourful and beautiful.