Phoenix Among Men Chapter 792

Many people in the valley ran out and looked up at this sudden addition of colourful clouds in the sky, and there were some children shouting and laughing.

The few elders of Xu Changsheng looked at what was happening in front of them in shock, and each of them could not close their mouths in surprise.

Although they had all reached the Martial Sect realm, they were still shocked by such a technique that gathered the power of heaven and earth, turning their hands into clouds and turning their hands into rain, after all, they knew nothing about formations.

The Pill God Valley Master was suspended in mid-air, under the coloured clouds, as if he was a god descending from the earth.

“Kid, hand over the Divine Nong Cauldron, and the Supreme Dan Record, and I might be able to spare one of you ……”

The Pill God Valley Master said as he looked coldly at Chen Ping.

“The Divine Nong Cauldron?” Xu Changsheng and the few elders were startled again before they all looked at Chen Ping.

“Brother Chen, that tiny bronze censer of yours, is it the Divine Nong Cauldron?”

Xu Changsheng asked incredulously.

Chen Ping nodded, “It is the Shennong Cauldron, it seems that your Valley Master has long been thinking of my Shennong Cauldron!”

Xu Changsheng didn’t say anything, just now the words of the Pill God Valley’s valley master had been very obvious, this was a tearing up of the face and an intention to rob it openly.

“If you have the ability, then come and get it yourself ……”

Chen Ping slowly raised his head and looked at that Pill God Valley Master and said.

“Kid, I have been in Pill God Valley for thirty years and have set up this spell formation, which can communicate the power of heaven and earth and condense the Yin and Evil Qi, even they, the elders, cannot carry a single blow, do you still want to resist?”

The Pill God Valley Master said sorrowfully.

“Your spell formation is not bad, but unfortunately it is useless to me ……”

Chen Ping shook his head.

“It seems that you will not die until you reach the Yellow River ……” The Pill God Valley Master said, and violently urged the spell formation, followed by the colourful clouds in the sky that began to tumble, and then turned into a huge whirlpool, like a tornado, pressing towards Chen Ping.

When Xu Changsheng and the elders saw this, their faces changed greatly. Even at the Martial Sect level, they could feel the pressure of the tornado.

At this moment, Chen Ping also felt as if his body was being pressed down by a huge mountain, but there was not the slightest fear in Chen Ping’s eyes, and he stared deadly at the tornado formed by the Yin and Demon Qi, with a hint of hotness in his eyes.

Xu Changsheng gave Chen Ping a strange look, not understanding why Chen Ping had this expression.

They did not know that in Chen Ping’s eyes, this tornado was an incomparable cultivation resource.

If it were a real tornado, Chen Ping could do nothing about it, but these were merely yin-devil Qi condensed by a formation, and Chen Ping’s Heart Condensation Skill could completely absorb these yin-devil Qi.

“Brother Chen, I’ll help you block this attack, but I hope you’re not lying to me ……”

Xu Changsheng said, and with a fierce wave of his hands, an aura condensed into a barrier in front of him.

“Elder Xu, step back quickly ……”

Chen Ping saw that Xu Changsheng was actually going to help him block this tornado, how could Chen Ping agree.

With one healthy step forward, Chen Ping rushed in front of Xu Changsheng, and pushed him backwards.

This moment dumbfounded Xu Changsheng.

Chen Ping’s strength, which Xu Changsheng had seen before, was comparable to those who had just been promoted to Martial Sect, but there was still a certain gap between them and himself.

Now Chen Ping was pushing himself to the back and resisting the blow himself.

But Xu Changsheng did not believe that Chen Ping would commit suicide.

The Pill God Valley Master in mid-air saw this scene and said with cold eyes, “Kid, you’re too wild ……”

Rumble …………

A tornado made up of Yin Fury Qi whistled and rushed towards Chen Ping, a deep gully was blown out of the ground and rocks flew everywhere!

Those in the Pill God Valley watched this scene, and each of their faces changed greatly, after all, for so many years, the Pill God Valley had never had such bad weather.