Phoenix Among Men Chapter 796

Chen Ping took the Heaven Returning Pill and intended to go and give it to Xiao Lan, but just as he took a step, he was stopped by the other hurried elders.

“Who the hell are you? Why do you know the Star Sucking Technique? Are you also an evil cultivator who harms people?”

The second elder asked Chen Ping with a wary look on his face.

At this time, Xu Changsheng also asked curiously, “Brother Chen, how do you know the Star Absorbing Technique? You don’t look like an evil cultivator either?”

The first thing I did was to look at the elders’ wary eyes and Chen Ping said with a helpless smile, “This is not a star-sucking technique, but a technique I have practiced that can absorb the energy of others. ……”

After hearing Chen Ping’s explanation, Xu Changsheng and several elders were stunned, they had never thought that there was such a gong method in the world, it was simply too incredible.

“Brother Chen, you’re not lying to us, are you? How could there be such a gong method in the world? What is the name of your gong method?”

Xu Changsheng asked in surprise.

“The Heart Condensation Skill ……,” Chen Ping did not hide it.

“Heart Condensation Skill?” Xu Changsheng and a few other elders frowned slightly, they seemed to have never heard of such a technique before.

After thinking for a moment, Xu Changsheng said, “Brother Chen, I believe you, if you were an evil cultivator, you wouldn’t have destroyed that Life Enhancement Pill just now ……”

At the mention of the Life Enhancement Pill, several elders’ faces turned pale and they lowered their heads with shame.

A pill made from a baby’s heart, and they had actually eaten them all, this kind of sin would always haunt them, so their future cultivation would be even more difficult for several people.

Chen Ping swept a glance at the several elders and slowly spoke, “Sins are born with sins, you can only redeem yourselves through your own efforts, I hope you can save more people in the future to alleviate your own sins ……”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, he walked towards the Pill God Hall and prepared to give the Heaven Returning Pill to Xiao Lan.

Hearing Chen Ping’s words, Xu Changsheng nodded slightly, “Right, since we already have sinful obstacles, we should try to atone for them, after today, I intend to leave the valley and never return until I have saved and cured ten thousand people ……”

Hearing this, several other elders also said that they too would leave the valley to save the ordinary people who were suffering ……

Like them, the elders of the Pill God Valley, they usually raised themselves well, they just developed pills in the valley, they rarely went out of the valley to save people, even if someone from the outside world begged to the Pill God Valley, only the other pill masters of the Pill God Valley went there, they, the elders, would not go out easily.

Now everyone had sins on them, so they intended to go out of the valley and forgive with practical actions.

Xu Changsheng and a few elders caught up with Chen Ping, and then Xu Changsheng turned to Chen Ping and asked, “Brother Chen, I wonder if you can tell us how you met our old valley master? And how did the old valley master pa*s on that Supreme Dan Record to you?”

Chen Ping told the elders exactly what had happened, without the slightest reservation, and when they heard that the old valley master had pa*sed away and was in the valley, the expression of the elders instantly became sad.

Xu Changsheng hurriedly sent someone to bring Yu Dong here to ask what had happened and to see if what Chen Ping said was true.

When Yu Dong saw Xu Changsheng pursuing the matter of the depths of the valley, he was frightened into a cold sweat; for him to casually take Chen Ping to the depths of the valley like this and to tell the peculiarities of the Pill God Valley was a traitorous act and was punishable by decapitation.

Seeing Yu Dong’s nervous look, Xu Changsheng explained, and only then did Yu Dong dare to open his mouth and tell what had happened, following Chen Ping’s words without a hitch. Only then were Xu Changsheng and several of the elders convinced that the old valley master had pa*sed the position of Pill God Valley’s valley master to Chen Ping, allowing Chen Ping to carry Pill God Valley forward.