Phoenix Among Men Chapter 797

Suddenly, Xu Changsheng and a few elders knelt down towards Chen Ping, and a few of them said in unison, “Welcome Chen Valley Master ……”

Chen Ping was startled, a few of them helped Xu Changsheng and a few elders up, he did not want to be any valley master, nor did he have time to stay in Pill God Valley.

While Yu Dong on the side is dumbfounded, simply do not understand what happened, how just a few days, Chen Ping has become the Pill God Valley Valley Lord?

“Chen ……” Xu Changsheng opened his mouth and was just about to call out Brother Chen when he suddenly realised that it was inappropriate, so he hurriedly changed his mouth and said, “Valley Master, since the old Valley Master has pa*sed the Supreme Dan Record to you to carry the Pill God Valley forward, that means that the the position of Valley Master to you as well, from now on you will be the Valley Master of our Pill God Valley, regardless of your strength and boldness, you are capable of being the Valley Master ……”

“Elder Xu, I can’t be this valley master, I still have my own matters to take care of, there’s no way I can stay in Pill God Valley ……”

Chen Ping shrugged it off with a helpless face.

“Valley Master, since it is the old Valley Master’s last wish, we must follow it, even if you become the Valley Master, you don’t have to stay inside the Pill God Valley, there is no rule in the Pill God Valley that the Valley Master must stay in the Valley ……”

Xu Changsheng knew that Chen Ping had other things on his mind and that it was unrealistic for him to stay in the Pill God Valley, so he spoke up.

As long as Chen Ping sat as the valley master, it didn’t matter if he stayed in the Pill God Valley or not.

Because right now, only Chen Ping knew the contents of the Supreme Dan Record, and this Supreme Dan Record was the greatest reliance of the Pill God Valley.

Seeing that Xu Changsheng and several other elders were full of sincerity, Chen Ping could only sigh and say, “Alright, I will be this valley master, but all the things in the valley will require the trouble of Elder Xu and all the elders, and while I am away, Elder Xu, as the Grand Elder, can decide everything …… ”

“Obey orders ……” Xu Changsheng and several other elders knelt down together to receive orders.

Yu Dong on the side was dumbfounded, but when he saw that the elders had all knelt, he also followed suit.

After Chen Ping helped several elders up, he returned to the Pill God Hall and fed the Heaven Returning Pill to Xiao Lan.

Just after the rejuvenation pills had gone down, one could only see that Xiao Lan’s face began to turn rosy and her whole body had a hint of life, and this hint was getting stronger and stronger.

However, after waiting for a while, Chen Ping found that Xiao Lan had not woken up yet, so he could not help but feel a little anxious.

“Valley Master, although this Heaven Returning Pill is a divine pill, it will nevertheless take seventy-seven to forty-nine hours for your friend to wake up, and it will also require some time of rest ……”

Xu Changsheng followed Chen Ping and explained.

Once Chen Ping heard this, he knew that he would have to leave Xiao Lan by herself in the Pill God Valley to recuperate, he didn’t have time to wait, there were still a few days to go before the 15th of July, Chen Ping would have to leave for Nameless Island now, as for what he would encounter when he arrived at Nameless Island, Chen Ping didn’t know, but whether it was a blessing or a curse, Chen Ping had long ago stopped caring, all he cared about was his own birth.

He wanted to know who he was, whether his parents were still alive, and what exactly the Dragon Family was.

“Elder Xu, I have another important matter and must leave Pill God Valley, I will leave my friend in your care, I will now copy down the contents of the Supreme Dan Record, in addition I will leave the Divine Peasant Cauldron behind, you guys refine more pills to benefit the people of one side and alleviate the sinfulness in yourself …… ”

Chen Ping said to Xu Changsheng.

Hearing that Chen Ping was going to transcribe the Supreme Dan Record and also leave the Shennong Cauldron behind, Xu Changsheng and several elders were all shocked.

Which of these two items was not a priceless treasure?

Even when the old valley master was around, he had only let a few of them read part of the Supreme Dan Record, and had not taken them all out, but now Chen Ping was letting them study all of the Supreme Dan Record, and leaving behind the ancient divine weapon, the Divine Nong Ding.