Phoenix Among Men Chapter 809

Chen Ping’s mother, as the second princess of the Long family, received the best education since she was a child, and because Chen Ping’s mother, Long Ruotong, was naturally intelligent, her strength grew very quickly, and the head of the Long family loved Chen Ping’s mother.

However, as she grew older, Chen Ping’s mother, Long Ruotong, had a budding love of spring when she was twenty years old, and surprisingly, she met a man outside.

The man disappeared after Long Ruitong became pregnant, and Long Ruitong gave birth to Chen Ping alone, with a big belly.

Chen Ping’s grandfather was furious when he found out that his daughter was unmarried and pregnant and that the man had run away, so he sent someone to bring Chen Ping’s mother back to the Long family!

But looking at his beloved daughter and chubby grandson, Grandpa Chen Ping did not chastise Long Ruitong, except that he was bedridden because of his initial anger.

But while Grandpa Chen Ping was bedridden, Chen Ping’s mother’s elder brother, Long Jingguo, secretly poisoned his own father, wanting Grandpa Chen Ping to die early so that he could inherit everything from the Long family.

But in the end, Chen Ping’s mother found out, only that it was too late, as Chen Ping’s grandfather had already been poisoned and, at the last moment, handed over the Long family’s seal to Chen Ping’s mother.

Chen Ping’s mother, on the other hand, took Chen Ping and ran out of the Long family after taking a look at his father, but was soon discovered by Long Jingguo, who then slandered Chen Ping’s mother for poisoning his father and sent men to arrest Chen Ping and his mother.

Among those who caught Chen Ping’s mother back then were Old Dragon Head and Dragon Five, who chased Chen Ping’s mother for two days and nights, surrounding her near Hongcheng. Later, Chen Ping’s mother was caught and returned to the Dragon Family, while Chen Ping had long since been thrown to the side of the road by his own mother, thus escaping being brought back to the Dragon Family.

After Chen Ping’s mother was caught, Long Jingguo did not release Chen Ping’s mother, although he was given the seal of the Long family, and he would torture her severely every day, seemingly wanting to know something else from Chen Ping’s mother’s mouth.

Exactly what Long Jingguo wanted to know was not clear to Old Dragon Head and Long Wu, but after twenty years had pa*sed, Long Jingguo had not given up and was still torturing his own sister.

Besides, when Chen Ping’s mother was still suffering now was the time, the old dragon head suddenly paused, followed by a choked voice, sobbing uncontrollably, while Long Wu was also crying bitterly with a face full of self-blame.

“If we had released the Second Miss back then, she wouldn’t be suffering so much now ……” the old dragon head cried out, his face full of tears.

Chen Ping’s hands were clenched together, although he had never met his mother, but hearing this, Chen Ping was still trembling slightly with anger.

“And how did you find me?” Chen Ping asked as he looked at the old leader.

At this moment, Chen Ping’s eyes actually held a bit of hatred in them!

It was truly as Old Dragon Head had said, if they hadn’t taken his mother back then, how could his mother have been tortured like this.

The old dragon head looked at the hatred in Chen Ping’s eyes and sighed heavily: “For so many years, I actually always wondered why the second young lady had poisoned the old master, I didn’t believe it was true, so three years ago, I secretly went to the place where the second young lady was imprisoned to see her, and it was the second young lady who told me the truth, it turned out that the old master was poisoned by that rebellious son of Long Jingguo, and the second young lady also told me the the place where you were lost and wanted me to go and look for you to see if you were still alive.”

The old dragon leader gasped and wiped a handful of tears from his eyes and continued, “The Heart Condensation Skill that I pa*sed on to you, and this Heavenly Dragon Ring that you are wearing, is not mine, I heard the Second Miss say that it was left by your father, and was a token of love for the Second Miss at that time ……… …”