Phoenix Among Men Chapter 810

“Then who is my father? Why is my mother still locked up? What exactly does the Dragon Family want to know from my mother?”

Chen Ping asked as he excitedly grabbed the old dragon leader’s shoulder.

Chen Ping was eager to know what this irresponsible father really was, remembering what his mother had suffered, Chen Ping hated this irresponsible man to death.

The old dragon head shook his head: “I don’t know, the second lady also doesn’t know your father’s true identity, as for what the dragon family wanted to know from the second lady, the second lady didn’t say …… later I went to the Hongcheng area and inquired about your current identity, as for the things that followed, you should know ……”

“Why are you so sure that the child that was lost would be me?” Chen Ping was puzzled as to why the old dragon leader was so sure.

“You have the bloodline of the Dragon Family in you, I will know this as soon as I probe, there is no mistaking these.”

After the old dragon leader finished these few words, he suddenly coughed violently and his face became very ugly.

“Steward Long?” Seeing this, Long Wu hurriedly held the old dragon head and patted his back.

“Old Dragon Head, what’s wrong with you? Shall I help you take a look?”

Although Chen Ping hated the Old Dragon Head a little, but seeing the Old Dragon Head like this, he also asked with concern.

Old Dragon Head waved his hand and sat himself down on the chair, in this instant, Old Dragon Head seemed to have aged a lot, and his eyes had also become godless.

Chen Ping was a bit strange, how could this old leader change at the drop of a hat, now he looked like an old man who was about to die.

Long Wu looked at the old dragon head, his eyes were full of heartache, it looked like he knew what was wrong with the old dragon head.

“Young master, now that you know your life, my mission is considered complete, but because I gave the second young lady hope to persevere, I revealed the news of finding you, now the people of the Dragon family are looking for you everywhere, fortunately they only know that you are still alive, but not your current identity, for the time being you are still safe.”

“But …… but ………… cough cough.”

Before the old dragon leader finished his sentence, he coughed violently again.

“Steward Long, let me speak ……” Long Wu let the old dragon head rest as he followed Chen Ping, “Young master, although you are safe for the time being, but sooner or later the Dragon Family will know your identity, the most urgent thing you need to do is to go to Locked Dragon Island Get the dragon crystal, only after you get the dragon crystal will you have any hope of following the dragon family in their fight, you once asked me how other immortal cultivators get their spiritual energy when the spiritual energy of heaven and earth is depleted, now I can tell you, most immortal cultivators get their spiritual energy from crystals, there are also people who get dragon crystals and draw a constant stream of spiritual energy from them!”

“After swallowing a dragon crystal, the dragon crystal will continuously emit spiritual qi, only this dragon crystal is extremely rare, as far as I know, not many people get dragon crystal, many people rely on the crystal stone, this crystal stone is similar to that spiritual stone, except that the spiritual qi contained in the crystal stone is a thousand times more than that spiritual stone …… ”

When Long Wu said this, Chen Ping then understood that there were still crystals, dragon crystals and these things: “I really can’t imagine that there are still these things that exist spiritual qi, it seems that these things are far more precious than those spiritual stones, medicinal herbs!”

“In this world, there are many things for immortal cultivators to obtain spirit energy, besides dragon crystals, crystals, there are also beast pellets, you should know that many places that are off the beaten track have a large number of animals, and these animals will produce beast pellets in their bodies after growing for years and years, these beast pellets are also precious resources to help cultivation.”

Long Wu continued to follow Chen Ping and said.

“Then does this dragon crystal count as a dragon’s beast elixir?” Chen Ping asked.

Long Wu was slightly stunned, and after a moment of contemplation, he nodded, “It should count as well!”