Phoenix Among Men Chapter 811

Long Wu had never thought that someone compared the dragon crystal to a dragon’s beast elixir, but when he thought about it, it was true, the dragon crystal was also formed inside the dragon’s body, and the dragon was also considered an animal, so it was not too much to call it a beast elixir.

“Old Dragon Head, didn’t you say that I would go to Nameless Island on the 15th day of the 7th month? How come I ran into you guys here today?”

Chen Ping asked the old dragon head somewhat strangely.

Old Dragon Head opened his mouth, but did not say a word, instead, Dragon Five explained, “Things have changed, so we have returned from Nameless Island, just to prepare to stop you here!”

“Things have changed?” Chen Ping frowned slightly.

“That’s right, originally, the Dragon Steward asked you to go to Nameless Island on the 15th of July, because he wanted you to sneak from Nameless Island to Locked Dragon Island and take the Dragon Crystal afterwards, but it seems that the people of the Dragon Family have guessed this, so they have released the news that the Dragon Family will release Locked Dragon Island on the 15th of July, and anyone can board the island, in this way, the number of people on Locked Dragon Island will increase greatly, and your plan to secretly take the Dragon Crystal will be put on hold, after all So many people, someone will always see it.”

When Long Wu said this, his face became grave.

After hearing this, Chen Ping pondered, he now finally knew what this calamity was after Shen Dansan had done his own face reading and said that he would have a calamity on the 15th of July.

Taking the dragon crystal was easy to say, but really hard to do, otherwise why had no one else gone to take it after so many years?

When he saw Chen Ping pondering, the old dragon leader breathed heavily and slowly spoke, “Young master, you don’t have to worry too much, the Dragon Family is doing this precisely because they don’t know your identity, you can follow the people to Locked Dragon Island tomorrow with a big smile, as for taking the dragon crystal, I have also thought of it for you, I have a map of the island here, and the most likely location where the two dragons are hiding. The location of the ……”

The old dragon leader said, pulling out a map from his arms and handing it to Chen Ping with a tremble.

“Double Dragon?” Chen Ping was startled, he did not expect there to be two dragons on Locked Dragon Island.

“There are two dragons on Locked Dragon Island, the Inferno Dragon and the Ice Dragon, tomorrow is the day of the rendezvous of the two dragons, so it is most suitable to board the island, but this is all a legend, no one has really seen those two dragons, but there are many exotic beasts on Locked Dragon Island, but there are also many dangers, the dragon butler was seriously injured just to draw the map.”

Dragon Five said with a glance at the old dragon head, his eyes full of intolerance.

“Long Wu ……” The old dragon leader glared at Long Wu, obviously not wanting him to say it.

Chen Ping looked at the old dragon head and hurriedly went forward and grabbed the old dragon head’s wrist: “Old dragon head, are you hurt? Let me help you take a look ……”

When Chen Ping grabbed Old Dragon Head’s wrist and a spiritual energy struck into Old Dragon Head’s body, Chen Ping’s face instantly changed greatly.

He found out that Old Dragon Head’s body was extremely weak at the moment, and all of his organs had actually stopped working, with only his heart still beating faintly.

Chen Ping did not expect that Old Dragon Head’s injuries would be so severe, and his entire body froze.

Although he had the Supreme Dan Record in his head, at this moment, he was afraid that there would be no time for him to refine the pills, as Old Dragon Head’s body would not be able to hold on for long.

The old dragon head, however, did not care at the moment, and the moment Chen Ping touched him, the old dragon head looked at Chen Ping strangely.

“Little Young Master, did you have some strange encounter? Why is there an aura inside your body that doesn’t belong to you?”

The old dragon head asked Chen Ping.

“Oh, I obtained a Dragon Chopping Sword ……”

Chen Ping said, with a wave of his right hand, the Dragon Chopper Sword appeared in his hand, a clearly visible red mark on the Dragon Chopper Sword, as if there was blood flowing.

“Human sword in one?” When Long Wu saw this, his eyes widened in astonishment.