Phoenix Among Men Chapter 812

The old dragon head was all smiles, “Hahahaha, God has truly blessed the young master, with this Dragon Chopping Sword, the young master’s chances of obtaining the dragon crystal have become even greater ……”

Just after laughing twice, the old dragon head suddenly coughed violently again, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

“Old Dragon Head ……”

“Dragon Steward ……”

Chen Ping and Long Wu hurriedly held the Old Dragon Head.

The old dragon leader waved his hand, a smile still on his face, “Dragon Five, go and get some girls here, I have something to explain ……”

Long Wu nodded and went away, while Chen Ping looked at the old dragon head silently, at this moment the old dragon head’s breath was getting weaker and weaker, and his face was covered with folds, soon he was going to die.

A few girls were shouted by Long Wu, and as soon as Xiao Ru, who had entered the door, saw the old dragon head in that state, she immediately pounced on him, “Master, master, you …… what’s wrong with you?”

Xiao Ru followed the old dragon head for several months, the two had long had a deep relationship, only the reason why the old dragon head taught Xiao Ru was also so that Xiao Ru, the body of ice crystal, could help Chen Ping.

Old Dragon Head looked at Xiao Ru and gently stroked Xiao Ru’s head, his eyes full of guilt, for the sake of Chen Ping, he actually needed Xiao Ru to give her life.

“Xiao Ru, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you don’t blame me, do you?”

The old dragon head apologised desperately.

He had already told Xiao Ru what had happened, after all, he needed Xiao Ru’s own consent for such a thing to happen.

Xiao Ru shook her head, “It was all my own choice, I don’t blame Master ……”

The old dragon head swept his gaze over the other few girls and finally placed his gaze on Su Yuqi, “Don’t forget what you promised me, I hope you can do it ……”

Several girls all nodded, among them Su Yuqi’s eyes were very determined, she knew that the words were addressed to her.

Su Yuqi was a fire spirit body, which happened to be able to help Chen Ping as well, if he had encountered the ice and inflammation dragons on Dragon Lock Island, it would have been a bit difficult to take the dragon crystal with Chen Ping’s strength, after all, on these two dragons, one was cold and biting and the other was incredibly hot.

But with the two, Su Yuqi and Xiao Ru, as long as they were willing to sacrifice for Chen Ping, Chen Ping would have the best chance of fetching the dragon crystal.

The old dragon head was full of smiles, “I can finally afford to see the Second Miss, and I can finally see the Master ……”

After saying that, the old dragon leader slowly closed his eyes.

“Master …………”

“Old Dragon Head …………”

“Steward Dragon …………”

The room was filled with sadness, and at this moment, Chen Ping’s hatred for Old Dragon Head had long since disappeared without a trace.

Chen Ping clutched the map in his hand with a deadly grip, this was what Old Dragon Head had given him in exchange for his life, although he had not yet been to Locked Dragon Island, he could however guess the dangerous and harsh environment on Locked Dragon Island.

It was in that environment that Old Dragon Head had mapped out the Dao for himself, little by little.

Tears instantly slipped from the corners of Chen Ping’s eyes, but at this moment Chen Ping’s gaze became even more resolute.

“The Long family …… I will return all the suffering my mother has suffered to you ……”

Chen Ping looked out the window at the endless sea, and his whole being was changing.

After disposing of the old leader’s corpse, the group reentered the hotel!

Only no one spoke, the atmosphere was depressing all the time, especially Xiao Ru, whose eyes were swollen with tears.

“Chen Ping, tomorrow when we go to Locked Dragon Island, everything just depends on your own destiny, in order to keep the Dragon family from noticing you, I can’t travel with you and protect you anymore ……”

Long Wu patted Chen Ping’s shoulder and said.

“Uncle Long, don’t worry, I will definitely take out the dragon crystal and grow in strength, I want to kill the dragon family and save my mother!”

Chen Ping said firmly.

Just as a few people were about to go to rest, suddenly dozens of people burst into the hotel, all of them fierce and fierce.