Phoenix Among Men Chapter 813

The leader of these people is none other than that Wang Shuo, at this moment Wang Shuo’s face is full of fierceness, as soon as he entered the door, he shouted: “Give me to block every exit, never let these few little b*tches escape, in this place of South China, no one dares to beat me yet, when we catch those few little b*tches, first let you have enough fun …… ”

“Got it …………”

Hearing Wang Shuo say this, the dozens of people behind him all had their eyes glowing and hurriedly blocked the various exits of the hotel.

“Wang Gongzi, what’s wrong? Why are you so angry today?”

At this moment, the hotel manager hurriedly came forward and took out a cigarette, ready to hand it to Wang Shuo.

“Get lost, a few little b*tches beat me up and are now staying at your hotel, I want to find these people out ……”

Wang Shuo pushed that manager away, causing the manager to look embarra*sed.

However, Wang Shuo was the son of the richest man in South China City, this manager could not afford to mess with him, so he could only say with a smile on his face, “In this South China territory, there is still someone who dares to make a move against Mr. Wang, he is simply impatient to live, Mr. Wang, tell me their names, I will immediately send someone to find out which room they are staying in.”

Wang Shuo was so blown away by this manager, he felt very comfortable and the fire in his heart subsided a lot saying, “I don’t know what to call them, but go and bring those lists you have registered, see how many women are staying in the shop and call them all out ……”

The manager heard, the brain instantly out of cold sweat, this hotel lived hundreds of people, light women on hundreds of people, this are called out, will not be a mess, then the hotel’s reputation also has an impact, but Wang Shuo sent a word, the hotel manager and can not not do.

Just when the hotel manager was having a hard time, Wang Shuo’s eyes swept to Su Yuqi and the girls on the first floor and instantly lit up: “It’s those few, don’t let them run away ……”

Wang Shuo took the lead in chasing towards the first floor, and those thugs behind followed.

Originally, the death of the old leader had made Chen Ping and Su Yuqi and the girls sad, and now this Wang Shuo had unexpectedly found his way to the door, whether it was Su Yuqi or Gu Ling’er, especially Xiao Ru’s body, a murderous aura erupted.

Feeling the killing aura on the girls, Chen Ping’s scalp tingled, he really couldn’t understand what had happened in the past few days, how could Su Yuqi suddenly have such strong strength, and Gu Ling’er, her strength had obviously grown a lot.

With just a few of them girls, it would be a matter of minutes to deal with these dozens of fighters that Wang Shuo had brought, and they were not even in the same league.

“Chen Ping, you go back to your room, leave this matter alone, today I want to vent my frustration ……”

Looking at Wang Shuo, who was rushing up with people, Su Yuqi said to Chen Ping with a gloomy face.

Chen Ping hesitated, but still went back to his room, with Xiao Ru around, Chen Ping was not worried about their safety, now Xiao Ru’s skills were afraid that they could follow a Seventh Grade Grand Master not far behind.

Just Xiao Ru alone, these dozens of fighters were no match, not to mention Gu Ling’er and Su Yuqi.

Long Wu took Wu Mei Er back to her room as well. After all, for a fight like this, there was no need for Long Wu to step in, and Wu Mei Er had no kung fu, and in this situation, her charm technique was of little use, so she simply went back to her room.

Wang Shuo led the men to the first floor and saw that Su Yuqi and the girls were not running, but standing quietly like that, as if they were waiting for him.

Wang Shuo took a look at Su Yuqi and said with a lustful glint in his eyes, “You girls are really bold, you beat me up and still don’t run for your lives, you still dare to live here, do you really think you know some kung fu and I can’t do anything to you?”

The three girls looked at Wang Shuo angrily, if eyes could kill, Wang Shuo would have died many times at this moment.