Phoenix Among Men Chapter 81

“Didn’t you follow Xing’s lead and say that he’s a reformed prisoner?” Sun Xiaomeng continued to ask.

“Of course I did, that look in General Xing’s eyes at that time almost didn’t scare me to death, if I had dared to talk too much, I guess I wouldn’t have been able to keep this manager position ……”

Now Cui Zhiyuan’s heart palpitates when he remembers that look in Xing Jun’s eyes!

“Could it be that this guy really knows Mr. Xing?” Sun Xiaomeng frowned.

“Let’s see first, if he really knows General Xing, we really can’t target him in the future, and you have to coax him to do it!” Cui Zhiyuan barked at Sun Xiaomeng!

“Use your words!” Sun Xiaomeng gave a blank look and then walked out!

At this moment, a dozen people in the sales department had already learned that the general manager had personally sent out a message to recruit a convict who had been in prison.

Such things spread quickly within the company, especially this kind of gossip!

“This Chen Ping must be related to General Manager Xing, otherwise he wouldn’t be wanted!”

“Someone who’s been in prison should come with us, why do I feel so seepy!”

“We’ll be careful when people come, if this guy really has connections with Xing, if we’re not careful, we’ll be out of luck!”

The people inside the sales department gathered around and discussed.

“What’s going on? Don’t they have to work?”

Sun Xiaomeng came out of the office and saw that everyone was gathered around talking, so she shouted with a cold face!

Although Sun Xiaomeng was only an ordinary salesperson in the sales department, she was always playing with official authority, after all, Cui Zhiyuan was the department manager, so no one dared to provoke Sun Xiaomeng!

When Sun Xiaomeng shouted, all the people dispersed, except for a short-haired girl who walked towards Sun Xiaomeng!

This girl was called Wang Lanlan, and she was very close to Sun Xiaomeng!

“Xiaomeng, have you heard that we have recruited a reformer in the sales department? I heard that it was recruited at the behest of General Manager Xing, so I guess I have a relationship with General Manager Xing ……”

Wang Lanlan whispered after Sun Xiaomeng and said.

“Fart, if he follows Xing always has connections, all follow Xing always has connections, just lucky ……”

Sun Xiaomeng did not believe that Chen Ping really had any relationship with the general manager!

Wang Lanlan froze: “You know the one called Chen Ping?”

Sun Xiaomeng realized that she had said the wrong thing and shook her head hurriedly, “I don’t know a reformer, I just think this guy just got out of jail, how could he know General Manager Xing, don’t spread the rumors, I’ll ask Manager Cui to ask General Manager Xing afterwards!”

About an hour or so later, Chen Ping’s induction formalities were completed, he received a work badge and went to the sales department!

When Chen Ping arrived at the sales department, everyone looked at him like a giant panda, which made Chen Ping a bit at a loss for words!

“Chen Ping, congratulations on joining our sales department, you should cherish this opportunity in the future!” Cui Zhiyuan said to Chen Ping in a calm tone!

Before he knew if Chen Ping was related to Xing Jun, Cui Zhiyuan didn’t dare to target Chen Ping.

Chen Ping nodded faintly.

“Tong Jian, come here for a moment!” Cui Zhiyuan shouted towards a boy with gla*ses and a boyish face!

Soon the boy ran over and coyly said to Cui Zhiyuan, “Manager, you called for me?”

“You’ll take Chen Ping from now on, you two work as a team, remember to teach him more ……”

Cui Zhiyuan said to the boy.

The boy looked at Chen Ping and a difficult look appeared on his face.

“What, you’re not happy about it?” Cui Zhiyuan’s eyes glared!

The boy hurriedly shook his head and said, “Yes, yes ……”

Seeing the boy agree, Cui Zhiyuan then smiled slightly and said to Chen Ping, “You go with him, your work station is next to him!”

After Cui Zhiyuan finished speaking, he turned around and went back to his office!

And the other sales colleagues looked at Chen Ping with playful smiles on their faces, while that Sun Xiaomeng also snickered and sat back in her seat!