Phoenix Among Men Chapter 82

“Big …… brother, my name is Zhang Tongjian, I hope you can take care …… of me.”

Back at his work station, Zhang Tongjian said to Chen Ping with a nervous face as he extended his hand.

Chen Ping could tell that this Tongjian was very afraid of himself, which made Chen Ping a little surprised.

“My name is Chen Ping, you should be the one to take care of me more!”

Chen Ping extended his hand and said with a slight smile!

“No, no, no, I’ve only been here for a few days, let’s work together ……” Zhang Tongjian said hurriedly.

Chen Ping had long since seen that this Tongjian did not look like a veteran employee.

“You seem to be afraid of me?”

Chen Ping asked, somewhat puzzled, to Zhang Tongjian.

“No…… not afraid ah!” Zhang Tongjian shook his head, but his eyes did not dare to look directly at Chen Ping!

“Do you know something?” Chen Ping knew that this Tongjian must have known something and that was why he was afraid of himself.

Zhang Tongjian hesitated and finally nodded, “Big brother, why did you …… go to jail for? Look at you also does not look like a bad person!”

When Chen Ping heard this, he laughed, so this Tongjian knew he had been in jail, that’s why he was acting a little scared!

After knowing why Zhang Tongjian was afraid of him, Chen Ping didn’t hide anything and told Zhang Tongjian all about himself.

After a short time, the two of them got to know each other, and Zhang Tongjian was no longer afraid of Chen Ping.

“Brother Chen, you are also wronged enough, but now that you are out, then do a good job, only …… only ……”

Zhang Tongjian said, and began to stammer!

“Except what ah?” Chen Ping asked.

“Brother Chen, it’s just that if you are a*signed to my group, I guess neither of us will be able to work for long ……”

Zhang Tongjian said with a sigh.

“What’s going on?” Chen Ping was surprised for a moment!

Zhang Tongjian opened a folder from the computer and then said to Chen Ping, “Brother Chen, these are the accounts that our group needs to collect, the last salesman left the accounts and left, now we need to collect them, if we can’t collect them this month, we won’t be able to do our job!”

Chen Ping looked at the dense accounts on the computer and frowned slightly, “I can’t believe so many people owe my wife money?”

“Brother Chen, what did you say?”

Zhang Tongjian was stunned!

“Oh, I said how come so many people owe money!” Chen Ping hurriedly changed his tone!

“That’s right, business is not good for everything now, I have analyzed it long ago, these people who owe money are some difficult customers, I guess we two can’t collect!” Zhang Tongjian heaved a sigh!

At this point, Chen Ping finally understood why, after he followed Zhang Tongjian to a group, many people were secretly laughing!

“Don’t worry, not a single penny of this money will be missing, we can ask for it up!”

Chen Ping patted Zhang Tongjian’s shoulder and encouraged him.

You have to know that this company belongs to Su Yuqi, the money owed to the company is the money owed to Su Yuqi, and the money owed to Su Yuqi is the money owed to him, Chen Ping won’t let anyone owe him money!

“Well, let’s work together ……”

Zhang Tongjian was encouraged by Chen Ping and nodded his head with effort!

Chen Ping began to familiarize himself with all the money owed inside the company, he would get every penny of this money back!

Soon, the day pa*sed, Chen Ping stretched his back and couldn’t help but mutter, “This amount of money owed is too much, what does the company’s general manager do for a living?”

“Brother Chen, don’t talk nonsense, if someone hears you and reports you, you’ll be in trouble ……”

When Zhang Tongjian heard that Chen Ping was actually complaining about the general manager, he was so scared that he hurriedly warned!

“Is it that serious? A general manager is just a general manager, also hired, do you really treat this place as your own home and yourself as an emperor?”

Chen Ping didn’t expect that the staff were so afraid of that General Manager Xing!

You should know that Xing Jun was just a professional manager, hired by the Su family at their expense, and hadn’t reached the point of having a hand in the company!

It was just that Su Yuqi rarely came to the company and never got involved in the company’s affairs, which made Xing Jun’s power grow bigger and bigger!