Phoenix Among Men Chapter 83

“Chen Ping, the company rules state that the new staff should treat everyone to a rubdown, where are you going to arrange for everyone?”

Sun Xiaomeng asked as she found Chen Ping after work.

At this moment, everyone in the office was looking at Chen Ping, ready to have a good meal from Chen Ping, because every new employee that came in, would be given a hard meal!

“There’s still this rule? Is it stipulated by the board of directors?”

Chen Ping faintly stared!

“Brother Chen, there is this rule, I treated everyone to a meal when I came here and it cost me nearly ten thousand dollars, if I don’t, I’m afraid I’ll be worn with small shoes in the future.”

Zhang Tongjian whispered to Chen Ping and reminded him!

“Chen Ping, since you have come to my sales department, you have to abide by the rules of the sales department, this rule was set by me when I was the manager!”

Cui Zhiyuan walked over and said to Chen Ping!

“You set the rules?” Chen Ping smiled coldly, “Sorry, I don’t have any money, if you want to eat, then pay for it yourselves, you are not beggars, do you need to beg for a meal from me?”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, he completely ignored Cui Zhiyuan’s already furious face and turned to leave!

“This Chen Ping is too much, what the hell, is it because he has a relationship with Mr. Xing, he is so arrogant, he doesn’t even put Manager Cui in his eyes!”

Wang Lanlan jumped out and immediately spoke for Cui Zhiyuan.

“That’s right, even if he has connections, he can’t talk to Manager Cui like this, and he even compared us to beggars, who the hell cares about his meal!”

“It seems he doesn’t know the power of our sales department, let’s make him look good tomorrow!”

The sales team were all speaking in righteous indignation!

Zhang Tongjian hid to the side, not daring to speak at all, inwardly depressed, Chen Ping’s actions today, will definitely attract retaliation, when they are in a group, he himself can not escape!

“Hmph, he has a f*cking relationship, I have already asked Mr. Xing, the reason why Mr. Xing kept him is just to make a good fool of him ……”

Cui Zhiyuan said with a cold glint in his eyes.

He had already side-tracked and asked Xing Jun, and the instruction Xing Jun gave him was to make Chen Ping embarra*sed inside the company, although Cui Zhiyuan didn’t know why Xing Jun did this, but the general manager’s words, he dared not disobey!

Since Chen Ping was not treating him, those from the sales department left. Just as Cui Zhiyuan was following Sun Xiaomeng to say goodbye and thinking of leaving as well, Sun Xiaomeng’s mobile phone suddenly rang!

The call was from Sun Xiaomeng’s mother, Li Fengxia. When she saw her mother calling her, Sun Xiaomeng hurriedly picked it up.

“Xiaomeng, let me tell you the great news, the money owed by Fuyao Decoration, all of it has been paid back to us, our family’s company has come to life ……”

Li Fengxia’s voice was tinged with excitement and thrill!

“Really?” Sun Xiaomeng was also excited: “Then why did Fuyao Decoration suddenly pay back the money? We’ve asked for it many times but we haven’t given it back.”

“Your father has inquired, it was Master Tiger who gave the word and scared that Fuyao Decoration to give the money back immediately!” Li Fengxia said.

“Lin Tianhu?” Sun Xiaomeng was stunned, “Our family has no relationship with him either, we don’t even know him, so why did Master Tiger help us?”

“I wonder too? I remember you saying that Zhiyuan used his own connections to help us think of a way out, so I wondered if Zhiyuan knew Master Tiger or if his friends knew him, so I called you to ask.

Li Fengxia inquired.

“I’ll go ask him, hang up first ……” Sun Xiaomeng hung up the phone.

“What’s wrong? See how happy you are?” Cui Zhiyuan saw Sun Xiaomeng’s face of excitement, so he asked suspiciously.