Phoenix Among Men Chapter 816

In the other room, Chen Ping was bitterly pleading with Long Wu.

“Uncle Long, just tell me, what exactly did Old Dragon Head mean by what he said before he died? What did he want Yu Qi and the girls to do?”

Chen Ping inquired to Long Wu.

“Alright, hurry up and go to sleep, there is still a lot to do tomorrow when we go to Locked Dragon Island, but remember, when you get to Locked Dragon Island, you can’t trust anyone except you few ……”

Long Wu barked at Chen Ping.

“You’re not going?” Chen Ping was a little surprised.

Long Wu shook his head, “If I go, the Dragon family will soon be able to find you out, just the few of you go, I will stay here with Mei’er and wait for your good news ……”

Chen Ping heard that it was right, so he didn’t say anything else, and soon the two of them went to sleep!

The next day, just after dawn, the people left the hotel and went to the pier!

At this moment, the pier had long been full of people, a five-storey high cruise ship was stopping at the port, this one cruise ship could fit thousands of people, so it could be seen how many people were going to Locked Dragon Island this time.

Although everyone knew that Locked Dragon Island was dangerous and that they would probably never return, the huge lure of profit made these people rush to Locked Dragon Island.

The ticket inspection started, and all the people lined up to start boarding the ship. There were many who had not bought tickets and tried to sneak in, but they were all caught out, this cruise ship was from the Dragon Family, no matter the ticket inspection or the people on board, they were all from the Dragon Family, so it was almost impossible to escape the ticket.

“See, just now a famous Grand Master didn’t buy a ticket and tried to sneak in, only to be beaten up and thrown out directly, I wonder what this Dragon Family is from?”

“I’ve never heard of it either, it must be a hidden family, can’t you see these ticket checkers, they are all clan master strength, let’s just be good and line up for the ticket check ……”

Not far in front of Chen Ping, two people were whispering, but the murmurs had long since clearly reached Chen Ping’s ears.

Looking at the Long family members who were checking the tickets, and thinking of his mother who was still suffering, Chen Ping sincerely wanted to kill all these Long family members, only he knew that with his current strength, he could not follow the Long family at all.

Chen Ping could only suppress his anger in his heart, and when he was strong enough, he would definitely kill the Dragon family and save his mother ……

Just as the crowd was slowly lining up to board the ship, a group of people suddenly crowded over, yelling for the crowd to make way.

When Chen Ping looked, he found that it was actually that Xuan Yuan Kai, with his own men, who had cut directly into the front of the line.

But when the crowd saw that it was Xuan Yuan Kai, no one dared to say anything, and they directly made way.

When Xuan Yuan Kai led his men to pa*s by Chen Ping, he even swept Chen Ping twice with a slightly deeper meaning.

Although Xuanyuan Kai led people to cut the queue, the Long family members who checked the tickets did not say anything though, but let them go straight away.

But just as the queue was re-forming and continuing to check tickets for boarding, there was suddenly another commotion at the back, followed by a group of people squeezing to the front once again.

A young man with a full head of dyed red hair and dressed in red trousers squeezed through with a group of people.

When they saw this strangely dressed young man, the crowd could not help but exclaim in amazement.

“Thunderbolt Cheng Kun!”

Everyone’s eyes carried a hint of scorn and fear as they hurriedly flashed a way.

“I didn’t expect this mixed-up demon king to come too.”

A middle-aged man in front of Chen Ping, who was around fifty years old, had a trace of despondency flash across his face.

“Uncle, who is that young man?”

Chen Ping asked curiously to the middle-aged man in front of him.

Chen Ping sensed that the young man in red clothes and red trousers was only at the strength of a Grand Master, not as strong as that Xuan Yuan Kai just now, but looking at the expressions of these people, it seemed that they were very scared of this fellow, even more terrifying than that Xuan Yuan Kai.