Phoenix Among Men Chapter 817

‏The middle-aged man swept Chen Ping a glance and was about to say something when he suddenly became a little excited and said, “You …… are Chen Ping?”

Chen Ping was stunned and wondered how this middle-aged man knew him.

Seeing Chen Ping frozen, the middle-aged man hurriedly explained, “You followed that Qin Xiaolin’s bout, I went to watch it and all knew you, I didn’t expect you to defeat the Martial Sect at a young age and even killed that Qin Xiaolin, it was really remarkable ……”

Being praised by the middle-aged man in such a way, Chen Ping was a bit embarra*sed, after smiling, he once again asked, “Uncle, what is this mixed demon you just said?”

After recognising Chen Ping, the middle-aged man explained enthusiastically, “This man is called Cheng Kun, the only son of Cheng Zhichang, the master of the Thunderbolt Sect, and he is fiery and ruthless. However, Cheng Zhichang had entered the Martial Sect realm a long time ago and was a veteran Martial Sect with great strength, so many people did not dare to provoke this Cheng Kun and avoided him.”

After Cheng Kun squeezed to the front, he raised his eyes and looked around, soon some martial artists all lowered their heads, not daring to look at him, and some even left quietly, not intending to go to Dragon Lock Island, it could be seen that no one wanted to provoke this god of killing.

Cheng Kun flashed his boat ticket, and the ticket inspector likewise did not stop him and let him in.

“I didn’t expect the young master of the titular Perak Sect to come and join the fun?”

At this moment, Xuanyuan Kai had already walked up to the cabin, and when he saw Cheng Kun who had come over, he sneered.

Listening to Xuanyuan Kai’s tone, he carried a bit of disdain.

“You’re allowed to come, but not me?” The corner of Cheng Kun’s mouth lifted, “The Long family’s people didn’t even say anything, you dog taking the rat and meddling in the matter?”

Xuanyuan Kai’s face sank, “With that little strength of yours, coming here is just a way to send you to your death!”

He and Cheng Kun were of similar age, but now he was already at the peak of Grand Master’s strength, while Cheng Kun was only at the fifth rank of Grand Master’s strength, and this was only after the Thunderbolt Sect had spent a lot of money to search for a lot of magic pills for him to eat.

“Humph, it’s not certain who will live and who will die ……” Cheng Kun coldly snorted.

The smell of gunpowder was overwhelming for a while, this hadn’t even reached Dragon Lock Island yet and these people were already hostile.

“You two are really not mean enough, why didn’t you call me when you came?”

At this moment, a young man with a vain and untamed face walked directly towards the cabin, followed by four or five tall and large experts behind him.

Seeing this man, many martial artists all sucked in a cold breath.

“Bad, bad, these three devils are gathering, I’d better retreat ……”

The middle-aged man in front of Chen Ping, after seeing the young man who had arrived once again, turned around in fear and was about to leave, not intending to go to Locked Dragon Island anymore.

“Uncle, who is this again?” Chen Ping asked as he pulled the middle-aged man by the hand.

“This is the eldest son of the Zhao family of the Shadowless Villa, Zhao Beng, today is really lively, I advise you not to go, be careful you will even lose your life ……”

After that middle-aged man finished speaking, he left in a hurry.

Chen Ping saw that many martial artists had turned around and left, directly throwing away their boat tickets and not going to the Locked Dragon Island, this departure left nearly half of the people less.

Three young men had scared away half of the martial artists, so it was clear that the strength of these three families was extraordinary.

Chen Ping’s divine sense swept over that Zhao Beng, his brow couldn’t help but frown slightly, this guy only just stepped into the strength of Zong Shi, among these hundreds of people, pulling out a random one, is better than this guy, with this kind of strength also dare to go to Locked Dragon Island.