Phoenix Among Men Chapter 819

An evil cultivator?

As soon as this man brushed shoulders with Chen Ping, Chen Ping’s divine sense instantly sensed that this man was an evil cultivator and his body was full of fierce aura.

When Chen Ping’s gaze touched the man in the black suit, the man clearly paused and looked back before walking forward again.

Chen Ping also ignored it and walked towards the front desk as well, after all, at this time, Chen Ping did not want to cause more trouble and invite unnecessary trouble.

“Give me a room!”

“Give me a room!”

The man in the black suit and Chen Ping said to the front desk almost simultaneously.

This time, the receptionist took out a room card with some difficulty, “Two gentlemen, sorry, there is only one room left ……”

Chen Ping followed the man in the suit and looked at each other, and then the man in the suit actually took advantage of the receptionist’s inattention and directly snatched the room card into his hand.

After the man in the suit got the room card, he turned around and left, he didn’t want to follow Chen Ping to have too much contact, and it looked like he didn’t want to get into trouble.

After all, evil cultivators were frowned upon in the martial arts world, and if these martial artists knew that they were evil cultivators, they would definitely be attacked by the crowd, and this man in suit did not want to become the target of a siege before he even reached Dragon Lock Island.

“Stop right there!”

Just as the man in black suit was about to take his room card and leave, he was suddenly stopped by Su Yuqi and the three girls.

The three of them had seen the scene at the front desk just now, and this guy had grabbed the room card and left without saying a word?

After all, the room was requested at the same time, if this guy could say a few good words, it wouldn’t hurt to give the room to him, but this guy’s attitude made Su Yuqi and the three of them very angry, so they stopped the man in the suit.

“Doing what?” The man in the suit asked as he glanced at Su Yuqi and the three of them.

“You’re so rude? Why on earth did you take the room card away? Leave the room card behind ……”

Gu Ling’er accused the man in the suit with an angry look on her face.

The man in the suit turned his head and glanced at Chen Ping, knowing that Su Yuqi and the girls were following Chen Ping together, and did not say anything, but turned slightly sideways, preparing to bypa*s Su Yuqi and the girls and continue to leave.

“You are too unreasonable, you still want to take the room card and run?”

Su Yuqi hurriedly stopped the man in the suit once again.

“Get out of the way, or I will not be polite to you ……” the man in the suit said with a cold face.

“The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Su Yuqi was not afraid at all.

Not to mention that with Chen Ping here, just Xiao Ru’s current strength, ordinary martial artists were no match at all, not to mention that there were still three of them.

When they saw that it was Su Yuqi and the three girls, they all came to life and started to raise their voices.

After all, it was nice to have a little hiccup in the middle of a few hours of boring sailing.

Zhao Beng, who was already lying in his room, heard a commotion in the cabin below and climbed up curiously.

When he saw Su Yuqi and the three girls through the window of his room, his eyes almost glared out.

Zhao Beng got up hastily and ran down in a hurry, while a few of his men hurriedly followed him.

Chen Ping, seeing that more and more people were gathering, was going to make a mess and interfere with the ascent of Dragon Island, so he planned to come over and let Su Yuqi and the three girls forget about it.

However, Chen Ping had just taken two steps when he saw Zhao Beng, with his men, running down from the upper floor in a hurry.

When the onlookers saw that Zhao Beng had brought someone with him, they hurriedly dodged a way.

“f*ck, you’re a big man, what’s the point of bullying a girl? I look up to bullies who bully women!” Once Zhao broke in, he scolded the man in the suit indiscriminately and then looked at Su Yuqi and the three of them with a lewd smile and said, “Three sisters, don’t be afraid, brother will do it for you ……”