Phoenix Among Men Chapter 820

Su Yuqi and the three of them, looking at Zhao Barging’s lewd look, they all almost didn’t throw up, but Su Yuqi still held back and said, “This room card is ours and he snatched it away ……”

Once Zhao Barging heard this, he looked at the room card in the suit man’s hand and instantly smiled and said, “Sister, don’t worry, I’ll get it for you!”

After Zhao Barging finished speaking, he gave a wink towards the men around him.

Zhao Barging’s men nodded, then looked at the man in the suit with a face full of arrogance and said, “Leave the room card ……”

“I handled this room card?”

The man in the black suit said in an unhurried, calm tone.

“Don’t f*cking bullsh*t, just leave it if I tell you to!”

Zhao Barging’s men had a strong tone and their faces were full of condescension.

The black suited man looked at that Zhao Barging’s men and then at Zhao Barging, ignoring him again, but turning around, ready to leave, there were more and more people here, and the suited man was afraid that someone would see his identity as an evil cultivator.

When he saw that the man in the suit was ignoring him, Zhao Barging’s men frowned and immediately scurried up with one healthy step, directly blocking the way of the man in the black suit.

“I said for you to leave your room card, are you deaf?”

Zhao Beng’s men frowned slightly and shouted sternly.

“Get lost!”

The man in the black suit had a hint of anger at this point.

Zhao Barging’s men did not expect the other party to be so tough and even dared to scold him, knowing that their Shadowless Villa had a reputation, who here dared to speak after him like that?

Not to mention that he was still a Fifth Grade Grand Master, how could he allow others to insult him?

Seeing the man in the black suit being so arrogant, that Zhao Bacheng could not help but frown slightly, his face was full of gloom, how dare someone not give him face, he should be D*mned!

When Zhao Baptist’s men saw that his young master had a bad look on his face, they knew that they had disgraced Zhao Baptist, and if they went back, they were afraid that they would be punished, so they shouted angrily and reached out to grab the man in the black suit.

The strength of a Fifth Grade Grand Master was not to be underestimated.

At this time, Xuan Yuan Kai and Cheng Kun also both arrived, when Xuan Yuan Kai saw Su Yuqi and the three of them, he was slightly stunned, but then the corners of his mouth lifted up, he also guessed why this Zhao Barging had started a conflict with someone.

“Zhao Barging, your people are going to suffer?”

Xuan Yuan Kai said with a smile at Zhao Barging after he glanced at the man in the suit.

Xuan Yuan Kai had already sensed that this person’s cultivation level was not low, and although he had deliberately hidden his aura, Xuan Yuan Kai was still able to sense it.

“Are you kidding, that family servant of mine is a Fifth Grade Grand Master, how could he possibly suffer a loss!”

Zhang Barging sneered.

When Xuan Yuan Kai saw that Zhao Barging was not bothered, he did not say anything, he just smiled and then watched.

Seeing his opponent strike, the black suited man’s face went cold, and his face instantly became a grimace, his body surging with anger.

Although he was afraid of revealing his identity, the man in the suit had been holding back, but now that the other party had provoked him again and again, how could he not be angry.

The moment Zhao Beng’s men struck out at him, the black-suited man threw a fierce punch.

The strength of the peak of the Grand Master.

At this moment, the black-suited man’s cultivation level was revealed, and Xuanyuan Kai could not help but be slightly stunned, not expecting that someone would follow him with the same cultivation level, and looking at the other party’s age, he was not very old.

“Be careful!” An old man beside Zhao Barging, seeing that the other party had struck and was still at the peak of Grand Master strength, immediately raised his voice to warn.


But it was already too late, as the other party’s fist ruthlessly blasted Zhao Chuang’s men’s bodies.

He screamed miserably and flew backwards, then fell heavily onto the cabin of the ship.

A mouthful of blood gushed out, and the face of Zhao Breaking’s men turned pale as if they were dead.

The other men of Zhao Barging took a look and surrounded the black-suited man one after another.