Phoenix Among Men Chapter 821

Zhao Bacheng also had an ugly look on his face, unexpectedly losing face in front of a beautiful woman, Zhao Bacheng felt his face had been lost, and also walked over quickly.

Xuan Yuan Kai did not move and neither did Cheng Kun, both of them were looking at the man in the black suit, with a touch of seriousness in their eyes.

At the same time, Chen Ping also frowned slightly, just now although the man in the suit only showed the peak strength of the Grand Master, but Chen Ping knew that the man in the suit did not use the group, but was still hiding his strength, this guy does not look young, he should already be a Martial Sect, possibly even higher than the strength of the Tian Wu Sect Master Xiahou Dun.

It seemed that this evil cultivation technique was really able to quickly raise one’s strength, otherwise at such an age, it would be difficult to break through to the Martial Sect realm, I’m afraid.

The man in the suit looked at these people from the Shadowless Villa surrounding him, although he was not afraid, he wrinkled up every day, if the fight continued, he was afraid that his identity as an evil cultivator would be exposed.

“Paralyzed, I Zhao Barging has never been subjected to this gas, today this guy to me to death, directly thrown into the sea ……”

Zhao Barging shouted in anger.

The few people from the Shadowless Villa got Zhao Baptist’s order and immediately took up a stance, their body aura began to rise up.

Seeing this, the man in the suit tried his best to suppress the fierce aura in his body, otherwise it would be easily detected by others.

As they looked like they were about to fight, they saw a young man in a Zhongshan suit approaching, followed by numerous people in uniform.

These people all had a dragon embroidered on the left side of their garments, and the crowd knew at a glance that they were from the Dragon Family.

“Isn’t it too disrespectful to my Dragon Family to make trouble on this boat?”

Long Xingxu swept a glance at Zhao Barging and the man in the suit as an invisible pressure arrived from his body!

After seeing Long Xing Xu, Zhao Barging’s original arrogance was instantly collected and he waved his hand towards his men, making them all withdraw back.

“Lord Long, my men were injured by this guy, shouldn’t there be an explanation?”

Zhao Beng asked to Long Xingxu.

“I’ve seen it all ……” Long Xing Xu gave Zhao Barging a look, then said to the man in the suit, “You can go now …… ”

The man in the suit saw this and hurriedly walked away, facing Long Xing Xu, the man in the suit was a little nervous, afraid that Long Xing Xu would probe his identity.

Zhao Beng saw Long Xing Xu let the man in the suit go, his brow just frowned, full of unhappiness: “Long Gongzi, my Shadowless Villa has never suffered this kind of anger, now so many people are watching, you let my Shadowless Villa’s face where to put?”

“It was you who provoked in the first place in order to pick up a girl, since you feel that you have no face, then come and speak at my Dragon Family ……”

Long Xing Xu’s gaze faintly stared, and the cold aura on his body made Zhao Barging shudder.

Looking at Long Xingxu that way, Zhao Barging gritted his teeth, coldly grunted and led the men back to the room, and was not in the mood to pick up girls.

Shadowless Villa had some strength, but it was not strong enough to follow the Dragon Family, which was a true hidden family with a deep heritage.

Zhao barged back, Long Xing Xu looked at Su Yuqi and the three of them, and said to his men, “Let our men, vacate a room for these three ladies, and bring the room card here ……”

“Got it ……”

Soon, the Long family vacated a room and handed the room card to Su Yuqi.

“Ladies, if you have anything to do, you can find me anytime, my name is Long Xing Xu, I wonder if you ladies have time to have a cup of tea together?”

Long Xing Xu handed the room card to Su Yuqi and asked.

“They don’t have time ……”

At this time, Chen Ping blocked in front of Su Yuqi and the girls with one healthy step, took the room card in Su Yuqi’s hand, and after taking a look at that Long Xing Xu, pulled Su Yuqi and the girls and left, without giving Long Xing Xu any face.