Phoenix Among Men Chapter 824

But after Chen Ping got off the boat, Xuan Yuan Kai and his men followed him.

When they saw these three devils following them, no one on the boat dared to get off, but many of them were worried about Chen Ping and Su Yuqi, after all, these three guys got off the boat with the clear purpose of going for the three women.

“Second Brother, what should we do?”

Seeing Chen Ping get off the boat from here, Qin Xiaotian asked to Qin Xiaoxian.

After a moment of contemplation, Qin Xiaoxian gritted his teeth, “Let’s also go down ……”

The revenge of killing his brother could not go unanswered, since Chen Ping got off the boat from here, they had to go down with him as well, only if they killed Chen Ping on Locked Dragon Island would no one pay attention.

Chen Ping looked at the crowd who had disembarked with them, and his face became incomparably gloomy.

The reason he chose this place to get off the boat was because none of them wanted to get off here, and Chen Ping happened to avoid the crowd and take the map alone to find the dragon crystal.

If there were too many people, Chen Ping would not be able to move well even if he had the map, and he did not dare to take it out, if he let the crowd know that he had the map of Dragon Lock Island on him, he would know with his toes what the consequences would be.

“Kun, Kai, I didn’t expect you two to be so fanatical about women, but there are exactly three women, one for each of the three of us, I want the one with the ponytail, the youngest one, although her body is not yet developed, but it is more tender, none of you can grab it from me …… ”

Zhao Barging looked at the youngest Xiao Ru in front of him, his eyes were lustful and his harrumphs were flowing out.

Cheng Kun and Xuan Yuan Kai all white Zhao Barging a look, really do not understand this guy to lock the dragon island is picking up girls or treasure hunting.

However, the reason why Xuanyuan Kai followed him off the boat was because he had been refuted by Su Yuqi at the hotel, after all, for the sons of these families, face is more important than anything else.

The reason why he came down from the boat was because he saw Xuanyuan Kai get off the boat, this guy didn’t see eye to eye with Xuanyuan Kai, so he always wanted to compete with him.

At that moment, Qin Xiaoxian also led the Qin family down from the boat. When Zhao Beng saw that there was someone else following him down, he frowned and looked at Qin Xiaoxian and Qin Xiaotian twice and said, “I say you are all bearded uncles, and you are still coming down to steal women from us? How dare you?”

Qin Xiaoxian and Qin Xiaotian were both middle-aged men in their forties and fifties, and in Zhao Barging’s eyes, they were both middle-aged uncles, so how could they still compete with them, the young men, for women?

Hearing Zhao Barging’s words, Qin Xiaotian wanted to get angry, a hairy boy who had just gained the strength of a clan master and had not even grown up, how dare he talk to them like this.

However, Qin Xiaoxian, who was at the side, secretly pulled Qin Xiaotian’s hand, then smiled and said to Zhao Barging, “Sir Zhao misunderstood, we are not interested in those women, it’s just that Chen Ping has some problems with us, we want to make an end to it on this island ……”

Zhao Barging pointed at Chen Ping in front of him, “Is that the man you are talking about?”

“Yes, that’s him!” Qin Xiaoxian nodded his head.

“That’s more like it, as long as he doesn’t steal the women from us, just three women, we three brothers share them all ……”

Zhao Beng said with a big grin.

The three young people are not willing to provoke the three young people in front of him, not to mention that he is only a side line of the Qin family, if he really P*sses off the three families, it is estimated that the Qin family will not protect him!

As Qin Xiaoxian and Qin Xiaotian were walking towards Chen Ping with their men, another man slowly came down from the boat, the man in the suit who had injured one of Zhao Chuan’s men on the boat.