Phoenix Among Men Chapter 825

When he saw the man in the suit walk down, Zhao Beng was enraged, but did not say anything because he found that the man in the suit did not seem to be easy to mess with.

Although he said that Cheng Kun and Xuan Yuan Kai had something to protect him, but if it was really in danger, neither of these two guys would necessarily help, they were only superficial.

Chen Ping, who was not far away, looked at the men in suits coming down and his face became heavier and heavier, his eyebrows knitted together tightly.

These people who came down were all experts, things were getting worse and worse.

However, after the man in the suit came down, he only swept a glance at the crowd before walking towards the distance, not intending to go with Chen Ping and the others.

“In three days, the boat will pick up everyone here, if you don’t make it onto the boat, then you can wait for death on the island ……”

The voice of the ship’s loudspeaker sounded, barking out instructions to those disembarking.

And at this moment, Long Xingxu, who was standing at the highest point, looked at these people disembarking from the boat and the corners of his mouth lifted, “Interesting, these guys are really interesting!”

“Young master, do you think these people in here, will there be the people we are looking for?” A subordinate beside Long Xingxu also looked down at those who disembarked from the boat and continued, “Those two older ones are definitely not, as well as the three gentry from the Shadowless Villa, Thunderbolt Sect and Xuan Yuan Family are definitely not, could it be that guy in the suit? I see he’s always deliberately hiding himself!”

“No need to speculate, we’ll know in three days …………”

Long Xingxu narrowed his eyes, “I really want to see what kind of person this unseen cousin of mine really is!”

Tick …………

A cruise ship’s whistle sounded, and the cruise ship slowly sailed away.

After the cruise ship left, Qin Xiaoxian couldn’t wait to lead his men to round up Chen Ping and the others.

This time, Qin Xiaoxian didn’t bother to stop them, Chen Ping had killed his big brother, so he deserved to die ……

Seeing that Qin Xiaotian had led people to surround himself, Chen Ping remained very calm, but Su Yuqi and the three girls, became a little nervous and stood close to Chen Ping.

“Chen Ping, aren’t you a crazy kid? Today in this sh*tty place, I’ll see who can save you, and today I’m going to take revenge for my big brother ……”

As he spoke, Qin Xiaotian had already swung his fist towards Chen Ping.

As a Grand Master, Qin Xiaotian’s fist carried a monstrous momentum, and the wind of his fist lifted the snow on the ground to fly across the ground!

Chen Ping snorted coldly, “Seeking death ……”

But just as Chen Ping was about to swing his fist to meet him, Xiao Ru had already leapt up from beside Chen Ping.

“If you want to touch Brother Chen, you have to pa*s me first ……”

Xiao Ru’s slender figure reached Qin Xiaotian’s face in an instant.

When he saw that Xiao Ru dared to harden steel with himself, Qin Xiaotian was still a bit surprised, remembering what Zhao Barging had just explained, Qin Xiaotian could only withdraw some of his force.

If he really had to kill Xiao Ru with one punch, it was possible that this Zhao Beng would come after him!

Qin Xiaotian withdrew nearly half of his force, and then his fist collided with Xiao Ru.

Boom …………

After a loud sound, the huge shockwave made the snow invisible for several meters around the two of them, revealing the brown ground!

At the same time, Qin Xiaotian’s body was like a kite with a broken string, flying backwards directly.

His internal organs tumbled, causing a mouthful of blood to gush out as Qin Xiaotian’s throat became sweet!

“Third brother …………”

Seeing this, Qin Xiaoxian fiercely made a long jump and caught Qin Xiaotian steadily in mid-air.

Seeing that Qin Xiaotian had actually been knocked out with a single punch by an insignificant little girl, the others were all frozen on the spot.

He was not intimidated by Xiao Ru’s strength, especially when he looked at her with an even hotter look.