Phoenix Among Men Chapter 827

The old man’s aura and Qin Xiaoxian’s aura collided and then both disappeared without a trace!

The people brought by Zhao Chuan also took this opportunity to catch their breath!

Qin Xiaoxian frowned as he looked at Xuan Yuan Kai and the old man.

“I wonder if you two can give me a little face and let this matter go, the purpose of our coming to Dragon Lock Island is not to obtain some exotic treasures, if we are lucky enough to see the legendary true dragon it would be even better, why fight and kill as soon as we land on the island?”

Xuan Yuan Kai took a step forward and said to Zhao Beng and Qin Xiao Xian.

“Brother Kai, since you have spoken, of course I have to give you face, I will not bother with them, or none of them will leave alive ……”

When Zhao Barging saw Xuan Yuan Kai speak, he immediately sloped down and found a step for himself.

Chen Ping looked at this guy Zhao Barging and almost didn’t laugh out loud, this is simply a f*cking living treasure.

Qin Xiaoxian almost died of anger when he heard Zhao Barging’s words, but now that Xuanyuan Kai had spoken up and was clearly favouring Zhao Barging, he couldn’t say anything else, after all, with his current strength, he wasn’t strong enough to follow the two of them against each other.

“Since Duke Xuan Yuan has spoken, of course I have to give this face ……”

After Qin Xiaoxian finished speaking, he turned around and left.

“Second brother …………”

When Qin Xiaotian saw that Qin Xiaoxian was actually leaving and not seeking revenge on Chen Ping, he immediately shouted in confusion.

“Go!” Qin Xiaoxian glared at Qin Xiaotian.

Qin Xiaotian had no choice but to be a*sisted to follow along and leave.

However, as he left, Qin Xiaotian gave Chen Ping a vicious look, “Chen Ping, remember, you can’t hide behind a woman forever.”

After Qin Xiaoxian led his men away, Zhao Barging spat viciously in the direction they had left, “Bah, what the hell, if I hadn’t sneaked out and not brought an expert out, I would have killed you guys long ago!”

When Zhao Baptist said so, Cheng Kun and Xuan Yuan Kai then understood that with such strength as Zhao Baptist, how did his parents feel comfortable letting him come to Dragon Lock Island and only brought a few Grand Masters with him.

It turned out that this guy had sneaked out, and it was estimated that at this moment, the Shadowless Villa was in a mess.

Zhao Barging, who had finished his ruthlessness, turned his head to look at Xiao Ru with a concerned expression and said, “Sister, are you alright?”

Xiao Ru gave Zhao Barging a look and shook her head.

“Hello, my name is Zhao Barging …………”

Zhao Barging smiled towards Xiao Ru and extended a hand!

But Xiao Ru didn’t shake his hand, instead, she turned around and went back to Chen Ping after saying my name is Xiao Ru in a soft voice.

“Let’s go ……”

Chen Ping said and took Su Yuqi and the girls away, they only had three days so time was pressing and they couldn’t delay.

Looking at Xiao Ru’s back, that guy Zhao Beng giggled.

“Xiao Ru, Xiao Ru, what a nice name ……”

Zhao Barging muttered.

“Zhao Barging, you kid can’t really have a crush on that little girl, can you?”

Xuan Yuan Kai immediately said with some surprise when he saw Zhao Barging like that.

Zhao Barging nodded his head without hiding it, “Well, I’ve moved my true feelings this time!”

“sh*t, Zhao Barging, you’ve played with countless women, but I’ve never seen you show your true feelings, you’d really show your true feelings for a little girl? I think that little girl is not even fully developed yet ……”

Cheng Kun also said in surprise.

Zhao Barging gave that Cheng Kun a fierce look, “Brother Kun, you are not allowed to talk about my woman like that, that’s how I like her ……”

“Hahahaha, you don’t make a fool of yourself, still your woman, maybe she doesn’t see you ……”

Cheng Kun looked at Zhao Barging that way and laughed out loud.

Xuanyuan Kai also patted Zhao Barging’s shoulder: “Okay, you kid is just three minutes hot, maybe after two days, you don’t like it!”