Phoenix Among Men Chapter 828

“No way, this time I’ll definitely chase Xiao Ru down!” Zhao Barging finished speaking and led his men in pursuit in the direction Chen Ping and the others had left.

After just two steps, Zhao Barging suddenly turned back to Cheng Kun and Xuan Yuan Kai and said, “Brother Kun, Brother Kai, you two are not allowed to hit on Xiao Ru’s friend, you want to play with women, wait until we get back, I’ll send ten or eight of them over to you.”

“Get lost, I didn’t say play with women, it’s all your own yelling ……”

Cheng Kun scolded Zhao Beng with a laugh.

Originally, Cheng Kun followed along to get off the ship, not running for a few women, he didn’t have that in mind!

On the contrary, it was Xuan Yuan Kai who saw Su Yuqi’s watery looks and always wanted to have a taste!

But when he saw Zhao Barging say so, Xuanyuan Kai laughed and said, “Fine, I’ll sacrifice a little for your happiness!”

“Brother Kun, Brother Kai, when we get back, I’ll treat you two to a drink ……”

Zhao Barging finished speaking and led the men to hurriedly chase after him.

Cheng Kun and Xuan Yuan Kai, on the other hand, looked at each other, except that their eyes were full of gunpowder.

The two then also followed.

Chen Ping took Su Yuqi and the three of them with him and walked towards the depths in big strides. When he saw that no one was following, he took out the map and looked at it twice, and after determining the direction, he continued to walk forward.

Because this place was rarely seen, and it was all blanketed in snow, nothing could be seen, but the spiritual energy on the island was very dense.

“The air on this island is fantastic ……”

Su Yuqi took a strong breath and closed her eyes slightly, saying comfortably.

Seeing that look of Su Yuqi, Chen Ping smiled slightly and said, “Try not to breathe through your nose, use your body to absorb the air around you ……”

Su Yuqi had taken the Marrow Cleansing Pill, so she was able to feel the presence of spiritual qi, which was why she felt that the air was extra fresh in places where the spiritual qi was dense.

“No need for you to teach us, Uncle Long has taught us long ago ……”

Gu Ling’er laughed at the side.

Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er had both taken the Marrow Cleansing Pill, their bodies had been transformed, they were able to feel the presence of spiritual energy, then they could learn the Heart Technique and transform the spiritual energy into spiritual power, then they would be considered to have truly stepped into the path of immortal cultivation!

“That’s even better, the spiritual energy is dense here, we can just replenish our strength ……”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, the pores of his body opened and he began to absorb the surrounding spiritual energy like a hunger.

Chen Ping is now at the fourth level of the incorruptibility stage, even if he faces a second grade martial sect, he should no longer be able to say anything, plus Chen Ping has the magic techniques to follow a third grade martial sect, he can also fight!

“I don’t know when I’ll reach the Jiedan stage, at that time, even if I’m at the peak of a Martial Sect, what’s there to fear……”

Inside Chen Ping, he was filled with a desire for power, he had never been so eager for power before.

Because he knew that only when he had the strength that no one could beat, could he save his mother and make the Long family pay the price, the thought that his mother had even suffered for more than twenty years, Chen Ping’s heart was like a pain like a needle stabbing.

“Xiao Ru, wait for me, wait for me …………”

At this moment, Zhao Barging panted as he led his men to chase after him.

Although Zhao Barging had also reached Zong Shi strength, he was usually used to being pampered, plus it was freezing cold here, which made this guy suffer a lot.

Seeing that Zhao Barging had brought his men after him, Chen Ping frowned slightly, if someone was following along, there were some things he was very uncomfortable doing!

“Xiao Ru, this guy doesn’t really have his eye on you, does he?”

Seeing that Zhao Barging had actually brought someone after him, Su Yuqi snickered and said.

When Xiao Ru saw Zhao Barging chasing after her, she had an ugly face, she knew what their purpose was this time, so there couldn’t be anyone following around, and it would be troublesome if someone followed.

“Xiao Ru, you guys are walking really fast, I had a hard time catching up with you ……”

Zhao Barging grinned after catching up with Xiao Ru.