Phoenix Among Men Chapter 85

At this time, Sun Fuhai also smiled slightly: “Zhiyuan, come over next to me, let’s have a few more drinks between the two of us later, thanks to you for the matter of my company ……”

Sun Fuhai’s attitude towards Cui Zhiyuan changed a hundred and eighty degrees, which made Cui Zhiyuan’s whole person instantly swell up.

“Uncle, what are you polite to me for this small matter, it’s just a matter of words, besides we are a family!”

Cui Zhiyuan said and sat down next to Sun Fuhai.

Although this matter was not done by Cui Zhiyuan, but since it was thought to be done by him, then he would just go along with it, just so he could show his strength too!

“Zhiyuan, I really didn’t know that you knew all of them after Master Tiger, you don’t know that the boss of that Fuyao Decoration Company sent me money, that look of a grandson, almost kneeling down for me, it was simply too good ……”

When Sun Fuhai remembered that scene, the whole person was incomparably excited, he had been doing this for so many years, he had always acted like a grandson to others, he had never been treated like this as a grandfather, I’m afraid this feeling could never be forgotten for the rest of his life!

“Uncle, in the future, if there is anything in the company, just tell me, don’t look at me as just a small department manager, there is nothing in Hongcheng that I can’t handle!”

Cui Zhiyuan shamelessly said big words, not the least bit afraid not to expose it, because the few people here, who do not know Lin Tianhu, have not even met him, who can break him down?

“Good, good …… in the future uncle company will rely on you, I just Xiaomeng a daughter, in the future all is yours ……”

Sun Fuhai now approved of this Cui Zhiyuan from his heart!

“Uncle don’t worry, I will definitely be good to Xiaomeng!”

Cui Zhiyuan nodded his head forcefully, excited inside!

“Alright, I’m hungry, if you guys keep talking, I’m going to die of hunger, hurry up and eat!”

Sun Xiaomeng said with a pout as she interrupted the two men!

“Wait a bit, I’ve informed your Uncle Chen’s family, they should be here soon!” Sun Fuhai stopped Sun Xiaomeng.

“We’re having a family dinner, what are we calling them for? It’s annoying ……”

As soon as Sun Xiaomeng heard that Chen Ping’s family was coming, her face turned ugly!

“You child, how can you say that your uncle Chen has also saved dad’s life!” Sun Fuhai glared at Sun Xiaomeng before continuing, “How was Chen Ping’s interview today?”

“Uncle, that Chen Ping’s interview was successful, I, the department manager, can still do this little thing!”

Cui Zhiyuan directly took the credit for Chen Ping’s successful interview onto himself!

“Zhiyuan, it’s really a bother for you!” Sun Fuhai gave Cui Zhiyuan a grateful look!

Just then, the compartment door was pushed open and Chen Ping’s family walked in!

“Sorry for coming a little late ……”

Chen Baoguo saw that Sun Fuhai and the others had arrived long ago, and said apologetically.

“Old cla*s leader, it’s alright, we just arrived too, hurry up and sit down ……”

Sun Fuhai hurriedly greeted Chen Baoguo and the others and sat down!

And Chen Ping felt a little surprised after seeing that Cui Zhiyuan was also there, but didn’t say anything!

However, Cui Zhiyuan looked at Chen Ping with a playful face and said with a cold smile, “Chen Ping, we meet again, let you treat, but you ran away, do you know how difficult it is for me and Xiaomeng to do so?”

After Cui Zhiyuan’s words, Chen Baoguo immediately looked at Chen Ping with a questioning look in his eyes!

Tang Hongying, on the other hand, spoke up and asked, “Chen Ping, what’s going on here?”

Sun Fuhai was also looking at Cui Zhiyuan with a questioning look on his face!

“This Chen Ping, the interview was successful, there is a rule in our sales department that new employees should be treated to dinner, but he said he had no money and ran away, causing me and Zhiyuan to lose our lives ……”

Sun Xiaomeng huffed and puffed and looked at Chen Ping and said!