Phoenix Among Men Chapter 86

“Chen Ping, is that so?” Chen Baoguo asked with a cold face as soon as he heard this.

“Dad, I am ……”

“Shut the hell up!” Chen Baoguo interrupted Chen Ping and roared with vigour, “Our family is poor, but not so poor that we can’t afford a meal, people have helped you, you have to abide by their rules, don’t you even know how to exchange courtesy for courtesy? How can you still be in the company in the future?”

Chen Baoguo shouted angrily, saying that Chen Ping did not say a word!

“Old cla*s leader, Chen Ping is just trying to save money, it’s not a big deal.

Sun Fuhai hastened to round up the situation, he couldn’t let Chen Baoguo and Chen Ping quarrel with each other!

“Uncle, in fact, Xiaomeng and I don’t need Chen Ping’s meal, it’s mainly for him to bond with his colleagues so that he can carry out his work in the future!”

When Cui Zhiyuan said this, it made Chen Ping look even more petty!

“Yes, this matter is Chen Ping’s fault, tomorrow I will ask him to make up for it, the company’s rules cannot be broken from us ……”

Chen Baoguo looked at Cui Zhiyuan with an apologetic face and said!

“I think this way, also do not need tomorrow, after dinner later, I contact the company a few colleagues, we go together to sing, this money let Chen Ping pay, I follow the company those people also explain!”

I’ll explain to those people in the company!” Cui Zhiyuan said!

“Good, good ……” Chen Baoguo nodded repeatedly!

“Zhiyuan, your uncle Chen’s family is not in a very good condition, you should watch out, you can’t spend more money ……”

Sun Fuhai said to Cui Zhiyuan!

“Uncle don’t worry, it won’t cost two or three hundred ……”

Cui Zhiyuan said with a faint smile!

“Fuhai, this is Xiaomeng’s date, right? He’s really a good-looking guy, and he’s doing everything right ……”

Chen Baoguo followed Sun Fuhai and complimented Cui Zhiyuan.

“No, I got all the money owed to my company back thanks to him, Zhiyuan knows Lin Tianhu from Hongcheng, and that Lin Tianhu got the money back with one word!”

Sun Fuhai was also full of smiles, he was now quite satisfied with Cui Zhiyuan as his son-in-law!

When Chen Ping heard this, his whole body just froze, he didn’t know when the credit of getting the money back for Sun Fuhai’s company had fallen on this Cui Zhiyuan!

“Lin Tianhu?” Chen Baoguo was stunned: “That’s the biggest gangster in Hongcheng? It’s better not to know this kind of person, don’t look so powerful now, sooner or later you will be unlucky ……”

The most important thing is that you have to be able to get to know the people you are talking to.

“Uncle Chen, you’re not right, to know Master Tiger in Hongcheng is a great honor, how can you say that? Just like your son, I am afraid that he will never have the chance to know Master Tiger in his life, in the future, you should say less of such words to avoid getting into trouble ……”

Cui Zhiyuan was furious at Chen Baoguo’s words, so he said coldly.

Chen Baoguo heard this and shut his mouth to say nothing more!

“Old cla*s leader, nowadays society is different from the past, there are some things we need to keep up with ……”

Sun Fuhai said indifferently!

Chen Baoguo still didn’t say anything, but in his bones, he just couldn’t see the kind of person Lin Tianhu was!

This is also why Chen Ping did not dare to let his parents know that he followed Lin Tianhu’s acquaintance relationship, if his parents knew, they were afraid that they would not even want him as a son!

At the wine table, Cui Zhiyuan kept drinking in a condescending manner, feeling the feeling of being praised by others!

Only from the beginning to the end, Chen Ping did not drink, nor did he toast Cui Zhiyuan, which put Cui Zhiyuan in a somewhat unhappy mood!

“Chen Ping, a big old man, how come you can’t drink?”

Cui Zhiyuan asked with a slight sneer at Chen Ping.

Chen Ping smiled slightly, “It’s not that I can’t drink, because for me, there is no difference between wine and tea, it’s better to drink tea, and save a buck ……”