Phoenix Among Men Chapter 859

However, the dragon crystal was too tempting, if they really let the Dragon Family know the whereabouts of the dragon crystal, then several other families would not want to hit the dragon crystal.

Just when a few people were hesitating, suddenly Qin Xiaotian took a step forward, “Lord Long, I know where the dragon crystal is ……”

Although Qin Xiaotian did not know Long Xingxu, nor did he know anything about the Dragon Crystal, but looking at the situation in front of him, this Dragon Family was definitely of extraordinary strength, and if he told the truth about Chen Ping getting the Dragon Crystal now, then Chen Ping would definitely die.

“You say!” Long Xingxu looked towards Qin Xiaotian.

“It was Chen Ping, it was that Chen Ping who swallowed the dragon crystal and was taken away ……”

Qin Xiaotian said.

“Chen Ping?” Long Xingxu frowned slightly, he was very unfamiliar with this name.

“It’s the young man who was just taken away by the Shadowless Villa Master, there are two women beside him ……”

Qin Xiaotian explained.

When Long Xingxu heard that, he immediately remembered that he had seen Chen Ping at that time, but did not care.

At that time, when he boarded the island, Chen Ping brought Su Yuqi and the girls with him, and after Long Xing Xu saw it, he mistakenly thought that Chen Ping was some kind of playboy who came to Locked Dragon Island and brought a few beautiful women with him.

“Young master, could it be that this Chen Ping is the person we are looking for?”

At this moment, a subordinate of the Long Family whispered in Long Xingxu’s ear.

“Chen Ping, Chen Ping ……”

Long Xingxu kept reciting this name, trying to recall how he felt when he first met Chen Ping, but he couldn’t remember because he didn’t think of Chen Ping in that direction at all.

At that time, he was most suspicious of the evil cultivator in the black suit, after all, he was the only one with the highest strength and most likely to be the one the Dragon Family was looking for.

“Sir Xuanyuan, is he telling the truth?”

Long Xingxu asked as he looked at Xuanyuan Kai.

Xuan Yuan Kai nodded after glancing at that Qin Xiaotian, “He is right, it is true that the dragon crystal was swallowed by that Chen Ping, and this arm of mine was also cut off by that Chen Ping ……”

Long Xingxu heard this, a trace of surprise flashed across his face instantly, to know that Xuan Yuan Kai was the peak strength of Grand Master, how could that Chen Ping have cut off this Xuan Yuan Kai’s arm?

Could it be that he had looked away, maybe this kid was hiding his strength from the start and deliberately brought a few women to the island to confuse himself.

“D*mn it …………”

Long Xingxu immediately had a feeling of being duped and said to his men, “Open the boat, we will go back immediately ……”

“Young master, those people on that island ……”

“Let them figure out their own way ……”

Long Xingxu said with a cold face.

Soon the cruise ship sailed, but the Qin family, the Xuan Yuan family and the Thunderbolt clan, those people were more fortunate and followed the cruise ship to rush back to South China City.


It was late at night, and in front of a hotel window in South China City, Long Wu looked at the sea not far away, and his whole body fell into deep thought.

“Uncle Long, it’s time to rest, you’ve been standing here all day ……”

Wu Mei’er walked up to Long Wu and persuaded in a soft voice.

Ever since Chen Ping and the others had left and gone to Locked Dragon Island, Long Wu had been standing here because he could see Locked Dragon Island with peace of mind.

“Mei’er, you go to sleep, I’ll stay for a while ……”

Long Wu said, taking out a cigarette and lighting it up.

After just two puffs, he started coughing continuously.

“Uncle Long, your body is injured, don’t be smoking ……”

Wu Mei’er hurriedly patted Long Wu’s back.

“It’s alright, it’s all old injuries, it won’t kill me ……”

Long Wu smiled faintly, then started smoking again.

His injuries were the result of hiding from the Dragon Family’s pursuit, in order to find Chen Ping, Long Wu and the old dragon leader had escaped from the Dragon Family and had been under the Dragon Family’s pursuit for several years now in the blink of an eye.

“Uncle Long, you’d better rest, Chen Ping and the others only went today, even if they could get the dragon crystal, there’s no way they’d come back so soon ……”

Wu Mei’er was still persuading Long Wu.