Phoenix Among Men Chapter 860

Just as Long Wu was about to say something, there was a knock on the door of the room.

Wu Mei’er and Long Wu’s faces all changed slightly, who would find this place at this late hour?

Long Wu gestured for Wu Mei Er to open the door, while he prepared himself for an attack.

When Wu Mei’er opened the door, she found that it was surprisingly Chen Ping and Su Yuqi who had returned.

“Why have you guys come back?”

Wu Mei’er said in surprise.

When Long Wu saw that it was Chen Ping who had returned, he also frowned and said, “Chen Ping, you guys came back so soon, did something happen?”

Chen Ping shook his head, “Uncle Long, I have fetched the Ice Dragon Dragon Crystal ……”

Upon hearing this, Long Wu hurriedly enveloped Chen Ping with a divine sense, and indeed found changes in Chen Ping’s body, and said with a face full of excitement, “It’s great that you were able to fetch the Dragon Crystal so quickly, what about the Inferno Dragon Dragon Crystal?”

Hearing Long Wu talk about fetching the Inferno Dragon Dragon Crystal, Chen Ping thought of Xiao Ru who had turned into an ice sculpture and his mood instantly went down.

“Uncle Long, I don’t want to sacrifice the people around me in order to fetch the dragon crystal ……”

Chen Ping said with a heavy face.

As soon as Long Wu heard this, he looked around and did not find Xiao Ru’s figure, he immediately understood, his eyes instantly reddened: “Chen Ping, this is destiny, don’t be too sad, I hope you don’t fail Xiao Ru who has exchanged her life for the dragon crystal ……… …”

“Uncle Long, could it be that Xiao Ru will remain frozen on that Dragon Lock Island, and you have no way to save him?”

At this time, Su Yuqi, who was at the side, asked.

After all, in her eyes, Long Wu was like a god, omnipotent ……

Long Wu shook his head, “I can’t, but the path of immortal cultivation never ends, maybe when your realms surpa*s me, you will be able to find a way to save Xiao Ru.”

“I will definitely save Xiao Ru back ……”

Chen Ping’s eyes were full of determination, if he couldn’t even protect the people around him, what was the use of cultivating immortality for eternity!

“How did you guys get back, isn’t this time three days?”

Long Wu asked in a very puzzled manner.

After all, there was only one boat for the Dragon Family, so if Chen Ping and the others wanted to come back, they had to take a boat to do so.

Chen Ping told Long Wu exactly what happened on the Dao, but he only concealed the fact that the Shadowless Villa was also a hall of the Heavenly Dragon Hall.

After listening to this, Long Wu’s brow furrowed and his face became very grave.

“I’m afraid that it won’t take long for many people to know about you swallowing the Dragon Crystal, and it’s impossible to hide this matter from the Dragon Family, you have to be even more careful in the future, now it’s imperative that you leave South China City immediately, find a hidden place to hide and use the Dragon Crystal to cultivate and improve your strength.”

“As for Yu Qi and Ling’er, I will look after them for you and teach them to cultivate, with their current strength following you will only add to your burden. …”

Long Wu solemnly admonished Chen Ping.

The matter of Chen Ping taking the dragon crystal, Long Wu did not expect that so many people would see it, and that so many others would find out where the ice dragon was.

This was also a despicable thing about the Dragon Family, if the Dragon Family had not suddenly opened up the Dragon Locking Island, there would not have been so many people on the Dragon Locking Island, Chen Ping would have had every opportunity to sneak into the Dragon Locking Island, fetch the Dragon Crystal, and leave without knowing it in a godly way.

Now that Chen Ping’s swallowing of the dragon crystal has been exposed, I’m afraid that the future will be increasingly difficult ……

The first time I heard this, I was afraid that many people would really come looking for trouble in the future.

After following a few people to say goodbye, Chen Ping left in the night.

After Chen Ping left, Long Wu didn’t stay long, and took Su Yuqi and the girls, as well as the snow wolf, and together they disappeared from South China City, and no one knew where they had gone.