Phoenix Among Men Chapter 861

Soon after Chen Ping left, Long Xingxu brought a large number of his family members to surround the hotel where Chen Ping was, but unfortunately, Chen Ping had left long ago, so Long Xingxu pounced in vain!

Chen Ping left and rushed day and night towards the Pill God Valley, to find a hidden place, it could only be the Pill God Valley, and as the valley master himself, it was only right to stay in the Pill God Valley ……

When Chen Ping rushed back to the Pill God Valley, Xu Changsheng saw that Chen Ping had returned in a bit of a hurry, but he didn’t ask too many questions. Chen Ping directly asked Xu Changsheng to prepare a quiet place for himself, sat down on his knees and began to cultivate!

Now that Chen Ping was already in the Purgatory stage, he would not have any problems even if he did not eat or drink, and with the presence of the Dragon Crystal, Chen Ping would not stop cultivating because of the lack of spiritual energy!

Feeling the spiritual qi emanating from the dragon crystal rippling through his dantian, Chen Ping personally entered into a state of chaos.


Kyoto, the Dragon Family!

Long Jingguo, who was the head of the family, sat at the head of the family, and Long Xingxu knelt in front of Long Jingguo, his head bowed in a punished manner.

“Family head, that Zhao Liguo of the Shadowless Villa, his mouth is very hard, he simply won’t tell the whereabouts of that Chen Ping ……”

Long Xingxu said in a low voice.

Not finding Chen Ping, Long Xingxu led the Long family to find the Shadowless Villa, after all, Chen Ping was taken away by Zhao Liguo at that time, but now Zhao Liguo did not know Chen Ping’s whereabouts either.

“Then Zhao Liguo must have known that this Chen Ping had swallowed the dragon crystal, so how could he still let him go so easily? This is a bit too strange ……”

Long Jingguo narrowed his eyes slightly, always feeling that something was not right.

“Family head, that Zhao Liguo did let that Chen Ping go, according to Zhao Liguo, because Chen Ping was a friend of his son Zhao Beng, so Zhao Beng begged for mercy before letting him go ……”

Long Xingxu explained.

“First of all, regardless of whether what that Zhao Liguo said is true or not, you immediately take someone to find that Chen Ping for me, to bring him back to the Long family alive, I want to see if this Chen Ping, is that my precious nephew ……”

Long Jingguo was surprised to learn that his sister’s son was still alive in the world, because he had imprisoned his sister for more than twenty years, trying to get the information he wanted from his sister’s mouth, only to regret that his sister was too tight-lipped, not saying a word for more than twenty whole years.

Now that his nephew was still alive, this might be the breakthrough. What mother in the world would stand by and watch her son die in front of her and do nothing?

Long Jingguo then wanted to start with Chen Ping, if Chen Ping was really his nephew, he would threaten his sister with Chen Ping’s life.

Long Xingxu took his orders and left, while Long Jingguo got up and walked towards the dungeon in the backyard of the Long family.

At this moment, inside the dungeon, a woman in her forties was locked up inside, and although the environment inside the dungeon was harsh, there was still a few smiles on the woman’s face at this moment.

This woman was Chen Ping’s real mother, Long Ruotong, who was also Long Jingguo’s own sister.

“Miss, it’s time to eat …………”

At this moment, a maid came over carrying the meal, which was neatly laid out on the table!

After the maid looked around, she then whispered to Long Ruotong, “Miss, Long Wu secretly sent a message saying that the young master has fetched the dragon crystal and his strength has improved by leaps and bounds, perhaps it won’t take long for you mother and son to meet ……”

After Long Ruotong heard this, the smile on her face faintly stiffened and she suddenly sighed, “I don’t really want him to fetch any dragon crystal, as long as he can live safely, the Dragon Family will not let him off easily now that they know about him ……”

“Miss you shouldn’t worry too much, there are Long Butler and Long Wu protecting the young master, he will be fine ……”

The maid advised.