Phoenix Among Men Chapter 870

Feeling bad, Ni Xidao turned around and cast his Dao, shrinking the ground to escape forward!

“Still want to run ……”

Chen Ping reached out and brought out the Dragon Chopper Sword, slashing it forward.

An incomparably sharp sword qi went directly towards Ni Xidao, and all the trees on the way were all cut off in one go.

Sensing the danger behind him, Ni Xidao turned around and dodged the sword, but his arm was still cut by the sharp sword qi and blood flowed from it.

Looking at his wound, Ni Xidao gritted his teeth and suddenly let out a furious cry as the earth began to tremble and a crystal skull unexpectedly emerged from the ground.

There were nine skulls in total, constantly rotating around Ni Xidao’s circumference, and from the mouth of the skull came a cloud of black mist, which was directly sucked into Ni Xidao’s body.

“So you are an evil cultivator ……”

When Chen Ping saw this, he couldn’t help but snort coldly.

This guy had always hidden himself well, often showing himself as a Daoist, but he didn’t expect to be an evil cultivator as well, it seemed that all of these evil cultivators had gone to great lengths to hide their identities.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m an evil cultivator anymore, because you’re about to die ……”

Ni Xidao said, his body surprisingly surged as if it had filled with air, it surged more than two meters, like a giant looking down at Chen Ping.

“Nine Heads Strike ……”

Ni Xidao let out a furious shout, and the nine skulls then let out a clicking sound before turning into countless fragments and bursting towards Chen Ping.

These skull fragments, under the sunlight, emitted an eerie coldness, and the countless fragments wrapped Chen Ping right up, leaving him nowhere to escape.

Ni Xidao knew that Chen Ping had a technique that could absorb fierce Qi, so this time the fragments did not have any Yin and Fury Qi attached to them, and he simply relied on his power to push them.

In the face of the bone fragments, the corners of Chen Ping’s mouth curved out in a disdainful manner, as this time’s training had made Chen Ping’s flesh side even stronger, so he took this opportunity to test the strength of his own flesh body.

Only to see Chen Ping’s body shake slightly, followed by a golden glow emanating from all over his body, even Chen Ping’s double fists were also emitting a golden light, the skin that was exposed to the outside, also instantly turned golden, at this moment, Chen Ping was like a golden man.

“This …………” Seeing Chen Ping’s sudden change, Ni Xidao’s eyes revealed a hint of surprise.

Ding ding ding …………

Soon, the fragments that were incredibly hard and carried incomparable strength struck Chen Ping’s body, and the fragments crumbled down everywhere, but Chen Ping’s body did not suffer a single injury.

Ni Xidao’s face became ugly to the extreme, his mouth opened to the point where he could swallow an egg.

Each of these nine skulls was a peak Grand Master’s skull, and it was Ni Sidao who had used a ruse to lure them in and then took advantage of the opportunity to absorb the strength of these people.

“Chen Ping, how about you and I call it quits now, and I will never bother you again?”

Ni Sidao said as he looked down at Chen Ping.

“If you want to stop now, unfortunately it is too late, I will break all your bones and then suck up all your magic power ……”

Chen Ping said coldly.

“You …… Could it be that you are also an evil cultivator?”

Ni Xidao looked at Chen Ping in surprise, just now when Chen Ping could absorb the fierce Qi, Ni Xidao felt that something was wrong, now Chen Ping could even absorb other people’s magic power, what was this if not an evil cultivator?

“I am not as shameless as you are, today I will remove the evil for the people ……”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand began to burn with flames.

“You are too wild, do you think you can eat me up today?”

Ni Xidao finished, an ancient character suddenly appeared in his palm, the character shone brightly and dazzlingly, comparing the sun’s light.