Phoenix Among Men Chapter 871

Immediately afterwards, Ni Xidao chanted the words under his breath, and after a boom, countless black Qi enveloped an area of hundreds of metres in circumference, covering the sky with black Qi, instantly turning day into night.

Chen Ping did not panic, but slashed the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand in the void, and a silver glow poured down, making the darkness bright again.

Ni Xidao did not pay attention to Chen Ping, the spell in his mouth became faster and faster, followed by his right hand drawing a circle in the void, a ripple in the circle, as if space and time twisted.

“Roar …………”

A roar was heard, and then from within that circle, a scarlet-tinged, tank-thick, densely scaled Jiao Snake rushed out, this Jiao Snake carried a bloody aura, as if it had just emerged from a pile of the dead.

Facing the jiao snake in front of him, Chen Ping frowned slightly because the jiao snake in front of him was not an illusion, but an actual living creature, as if it had travelled from another time and space.

“Chen Ping, what can you do if you can absorb the Fury Qi, this time I will summon an ancient divine beast to deal with you ……”

Looking at the Jiao Snake in front of him, Ni Sidao’s eyes were filled with frenzy, except that his huge body quickly returned to normal and his face turned ugly, and after he finished speaking, a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.

It seemed that in order to summon this jiao snake, Ni Sidao had consumed almost all of his magic power!

“Boom …………”

Chen Ping faced the fiercely charging jiao snake and swung the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand in front of him, the sword qi mixed with flames, cutting directly at the jiao snake.

The sword qi cut fiercely on top of the jiao snake, followed by a deafening sound, light spilling out in all directions and fire bursting everywhere.

The body of the scaly snake tossed up and down, seemingly sensing pain, and then a blazing light erupted from its mouth, causing the earth to tremble and rocks to crumble!

Chen Ping’s body quickly retreated, dodging the attack of the dragon snake, and at this moment, Chen Ping’s hand holding the dragon chopping sword was trembling slightly, and his tiger mouth was tingling.

The scaled armor of this jiao snake was too hard, and the Dragon Chopping Sword had failed to injure this jiao snake.

“Chen Ping …………”

At this time, Xiao Lan and Zhao Wuji and the others surprisingly came after them.

They had sensed the terrifying aura in the mountains and forests over here and were worried about Chen Ping’s safety, so they chased after him.

But just as they chased them over, they saw a more than ten meters long, water tank-thick Jiao Snake following Chen Ping and confronting him, which scared the crowd.

How could such a huge jiao snake suddenly appear, knowing that Hongcheng is not a mountainous area and there is no primitive forest?

“Don’t come over, you guys, hide away ……”

Chen Ping hurriedly blocked Xiao Lan and the others from approaching.

This jiao snake was too strong, and with Xiao Lan’s strength, they would not be able to withstand a single blow from this jiao snake.

“Hiss hiss …………”

The jiao snake opened its bloody mouth and twisted its body to attack towards Chen Ping again, its tail sweeping around, causing many trees to be uprooted and rocks to fly about.

Chen Ping raised his Dragon Cutting Sword and once again leapt up, then leapt down from mid-air and ruthlessly plunged towards the back of that Jiao Snake.

Boom …………

There was a loud sound, and the violent collision emitted a brilliant light, like two boulders ruthlessly hitting each other.

The jiao snake let out a wail, followed by its tail sweeping directly towards Chen Ping with extreme speed, like a blow of steel whip, fiercely smacking Chen Ping’s body.

Chen Ping’s body was like a cannonball, being ruthlessly jerked out, hitting a large tree before coming to a halt.

“Chen Ping …………”

“Mr. Chen ……”

Xiaolan and the others hurried over and helped Chen Ping up.

Blood spilled from the corner of Chen Ping’s mouth, although his strong physical body was not injured, the tremendous force caused damage to Chen Ping’s internal organs …………