Phoenix Among Men Chapter 893

Chen Ping saw that Xuanyuan Yan was not taking the bait at all, and knew that he had to fight to the death, so he looked coldly at Xuanyuan Yan and his aura began to climb, among these few people, only Xuanyuan Yan was the greatest threat to him.

Looking at the rising aura on Chen Ping’s body, Xuanyuan Yan said with a smile, “Do you still have the courage to take a chance? Let me tell you, even if you try to gamble, it is all in vain, your only way out is to hand over the Dragon Crystal ……”

Chen Ping did not say anything, but suddenly his body went to a golden light, a terrifying aura instantly swept towards Xuan Yuan Yan.

Chen Ping’s body also shot towards Xuan Yuan Yan in this instant.

He needed to attack Xuan Yuan Yan unexpectedly, and it would be best if he could cure his enemy with a single move.

Xuan Yuan Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly and the corners of his mouth curved up, it seemed that he had expected Chen Ping to attack him.

He saw Xuanyuan Yan’s palm poke out, and a golden light suddenly coalesced in front of them, which was like a wall, protecting Xuanyuan Yan’s body.

“I heard that you have an imperishable golden body, it just so happens that I also know a little bit about it, so I will play with you today ……”

Said Xuan Yuan Yan, and surprisingly, a burst of golden light began to emanate from above his body as well.

The first thing he did was to give it to the other side of the world, but he was not going to give it to anyone unless he really handed it over.

Boom …………

Chen Ping’s fist, ruthlessly smashed in front of Xuan Yuan Yan, a burst of light shot out in all directions, after a loud booming sound, the golden shield in front of Xuan Yuan Yan directly shattered and dissipated into a bit of golden light.

Xuan Yuan Yan looked slightly different and said with a slight daze, “No wonder second brother couldn’t walk a single move in your hands, just this punch, I’m afraid it’s stronger than even a third grade Martial Sect, it seems that many people are confused by your exterior strength ……”

“Cut the crap ……”

When Chen Ping failed to land a blow, he once again shouted coldly, followed by another fist that smashed out viciously.

This time, he raised his spiritual power to the extreme, facing the situation in front of him, Chen Ping did not dare to be the least bit careless.

Xuan Yuan Yan’s eyes narrowed and he did not dodge, instead, a golden light appeared on his body, at this moment, Xuan Yuan Yan was like a warrior wearing golden armour.

Clang …………

A loud metal clash sound came, Chen Ping’s face changed slightly as his body fiercely retreated backwards.

That punch just now, instead of hurting Xuan Yuan Yan, Chen Ping’s own arm was slightly tingling.

“How is that possible?”

Chen Ping was full of doubts, knowing that his own punch could shatter even the hardest bronze walls, but when it hit that Xuan Yuan Yan, the other party was unharmed.

“Although your strength is not bad, but after all, you are still young, think I have been cultivating for decades, if in defeat you a hairy boy, will not the world laugh, I advise you not to bother, obediently hand over the dragon crystal, I will spare your life ……”

Xuan Yuan Yan sneered.

“Delusional thinking ……”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, he slowly raised his right hand once again, and in an instant the Dragon Chopper Sword appeared in Chen Ping’s hand.

Blood flowed above the body of the Chopping Dragon Sword, and soon the blood began to burn.

“Surprisingly, there is still a bottom card ……”

Xuanyuan Yan faintly froze, and immediately afterwards the aura on his body began to surge, and his face began to become grave.

At the same time, when Xuan Yuan Yan and the others saw Chen Ping sacrifice the Dragon Cutting Sword, they all also casually pulled out a short sword a few inches long from their waist, but then the short sword became a ten feet long in the hands of these four people.

The four men then thrust their swords into the four directions, and chanted the words under their breath, and soon a brilliant light flashed out, and these lights joined together to directly surround Chen Ping and Xuan Yuan Yan, as if forming a confined space.