Phoenix Among Men Chapter 894

“Since you brat is stubborn and refuses to hand over the dragon crystal, then I will have to kill you and take the dragon crystal out of your body before ……”

Xuan Yuan Yan’s eyes flashed with killing intent, “In my Xuan Yuan family’s formation, no one can escape, while I am invincible in this formation, this formation can feed me a constant stream of energy ……”

This formation was laid by Xuan Yuan Rong and the others, so when Xuan Yuan Yan was within the formation, he was able to receive the energy feed from Xuan Yuan Rong and the rest of them, in fact, Chen Ping was not following Xuan Yuan Yan alone in his fight now, but rather following the five great martial arts clans present.

“Is that so? Then I’ll try your Xuan Yuan family’s formation ……”

Chen Ping’s body was glowing with golden light, and the Zeng Long Sword in his hand was rising in flames.

“Go to hell ……”

Chen Ping chopped his sword down towards Xuan Yuan Yan, now only the two of them were in the formation, so Chen Ping had to find a way to take the opportunity now to kill or seriously injure Xuan Yuan Yan, if the other few Martial Sects of the Xuan Yuan Family were to strike together, it would be very difficult for Chen Ping to fight.

Xuan Yuan Yan’s face changed, he did not expect Chen Ping to be able to explode with such power in the middle of this formation.

“Kid, I really underestimated you ……”

Xuan Yuan Yan snorted coldly, followed by his body turning into a golden light, only heading towards Chen Ping.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Yan treated his body as a weapon, to harden himself against the Dragon Chopping Sword in Chen Ping’s hand.

Chen Ping also did not dare to be careless and brought his spiritual power to the extreme, the blood in his body boiled.

Boom boom boom …………

There was an incessant sound as the two clashed continuously in the middle of the formation.

It was like two golden lights that were constantly intertwining and intersecting, and the Xuan Yuan Rong outside they could no longer see the two people at all.

The huge colliding energies were imprisoned within the formation and could not spread out, while the pressure on Chen Ping and Xuanyuan Yan in the formation was increasing, and the entire space within the formation seemed to have distorted.

Now from the outside, it looked like the entire formation was stored full of water, constantly vibrating and tossing.

Xuan Yuan Rong’s family watched the changes in the formation in shock, none of them were clear as to what was happening inside, and none of them felt the danger approaching.

“Clang ……”

Another touch, Chen Ping’s Dragon Chopping Sword slashed viciously on top of Xuanyuan Yan’s fist.

The two bodies instantly separated, and the energy from the fresh touch was once again gathered within the formation.

Chen Ping’s hand was trembling slightly as he held the Dragon Slashing Sword, and his tiger mouth was dripping with blood.

At this moment, the pressure in the formation had reached an extreme level and Chen Ping had to grow his mouth to breathe through it.

Xuan Yuan Yan’s face became increasingly ugly, but the killing intent in his eyes was even stronger.

Chen Ping’s strength was beyond his imagination, if he did not kill Chen Ping now, in time, he would not be a match for Chen Ping at all, knowing that Chen Ping had swallowed the dragon crystal and had it to supplement his cultivation.

Click, click …………

Chen Ping’s divine sense instantly spread throughout the formation, and the light curtains on the four walls of the formation were beginning to crack.

Sensing that the formation was nearing its limit, the corners of Chen Ping’s mouth curled up into a smile as he thought of a way to escape.

“Kid, you’re still laughing at the end of your life, take your life ……”

Xuan Yuan Yan roared in anger as his terrifying aura rushed towards Chen Ping once again.

Chen Ping gritted his teeth and raised his Dragon Chopper Sword to fight against it.

Boom …………

Another heavy blow was dealt, and Chen Ping’s body retreated rapidly, his feet cutting two deep marks on the ground.

The internal organs of Chen Ping’s body began to roll over and over, the Zhan Long Sword had already fused with Chen Ping, and now this punch on the Zhan Long Sword was no different from the punch on Chen Ping.