Phoenix Among Men Chapter 895

Immediately afterwards, a mouthful of fresh blood spat out of Chen Ping’s mouth, and his face became extremely ugly.

The golden light on Chen Ping’s body also began to fade a little, and the flames rising from the Dragon Chopping Sword gradually went out.

“Hahahaha …………”

Xuanyuan Yan couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Chen Ping, you’d better be good and hand over the Dragon Crystal, with your current strength, you’re no match for me, my Incorruptible Golden Body is even stronger than yours, you can’t fight me, if you keep fighting like this, you’ll only consume to death ……”

Chen Ping looked at the smug Xuan Yuan Yan, his face was becoming increasingly grave, Xuan Yuan Yan was right, he was no match for him at all.

If the fight went on like this, Chen Ping would lose sooner or later.

But at this moment, the cracks in the formation’s light curtain were getting bigger and bigger, and the energy gathered within the formation had reached its highest point.

“Hold on a little longer, hold on ……”

Chen Ping secretly gritted his teeth, put away the Dragon Cutting Sword, and released all the spiritual energy within his dantian.

The golden light on Chen Ping’s body began to flicker again, and the muscles all over his body seemed to turn into gold.

“You’re still not dead?”

The corners of Xuanyuan Yan’s mouth lifted, and immediately afterwards the aura within his body began to surge before charging towards Chen Ping.

Chen Ping did not dare to be slow, and immediately clenched his fist to meet him.


A huge sound was heard as the terrifying aura within Xuanyuan Yan’s body shook out.

Chen Ping’s body was quickly knocked out of the way and his entire body fell to the ground.

At this moment, Chen Ping’s face was incomparably waxy white, like a dead man.

“Hand over the dragon crystal, and I can not kill you ……”

Xuan Yuan Yan walked towards Chen Ping step by step.

Chen Ping did not pay attention to Xuanyuan Yan, but covered all of his divine sense over the formation.

When Chen Ping saw this, he mumbled something under his breath, as if he was urging some kind of spell, and then his whole body began to slowly swell up, becoming like a balloon.

Seeing Chen Ping’s appearance, Xuanyuan Yan was stunned, and then laughed loudly, “Are you trying to explode yourself?”

But as soon as Xuanyuan Yan’s words fell, a sun-like hot light shone immediately afterwards, followed by a terrifying wave of Qi that rolled over, and everyone felt the aura of danger.

Rumble …………

The earth began to tremble and the formation finally could not withstand the tremendous energy pressure and exploded directly.

Xuan Yuan Yan’s eyes stared, but before he could make any move, he was knocked out by a huge force. The few people outside the formation, Xuan Yuan Rong, also instantly felt a hurricane sweeping through them, even though they were all at the Martial Sect realm now, they could make just like pieces of paper and were blown into mid-air.

Although he was prepared, he was still blown hundreds of metres away by the wave of air. The tremendous inertia caused Chen Ping’s body to tumble and finally hit a tree heavily before it came to a halt.

Fortunately, however, Chen Ping had bulged his body into a ball, so the damage to his body was not much and he was able to use the momentum to roll a long distance away.

Not caring about the pain on his body, Chen Ping climbed up and desperately headed towards the Pill God Valley.

The few people, Xuan Yuan Yan, were also tossed over by the wave of Qi, their clothes torn and tattered and in a terrible mess.

Rising from the ground, Xuanyuan Yan swept a glance around and found that Chen Ping’s figure had long since disappeared.

“Where is Chen Ping?”

Xuanyuan Yan bellowed angrily.

“Big brother, we didn’t see …… either.”

Xuan Yuan Rong said awkwardly.

They had just been lifted off the ground as well and hadn’t noticed Chen Ping at all, and now there was no sign of him long ago.

“D*mn it, let this kid get away ……”

Xuan Yuan Yan took a deep breath, his face filled with anger.

“Big brother, what do we do?” Xuan Yuan Rong asked.

“What else can we do, of course we go back, but this son must not be kept, he will definitely become a big problem in the future ……”

Xuanyuan Yan’s eyes faintly stared, his body full of killing aura, he knew that if he gave Chen Ping time, Chen Ping’s strength would surpa*s him sooner or later, and then their Xuanyuan family would be out of luck.