Phoenix Among Men Chapter 896

At this moment, Chen Ping, bruised and battered, sped towards the Pill God Valley ……

If there was only one Xuan Yuan Yan, Chen Ping would not be in such a mess, but now that several great martial arts sects’ strengths have converged in one, Chen Ping is having trouble fighting.

Chen Ping’s feet gathered spiritual energy and it only took him half a day to arrive at the Pill God Valley.

When the disciples at the entrance of the valley saw Chen Ping’s wretched state, they hurriedly came forward to help him, while others hurriedly went to report to Xu Changsheng.

Soon, Xu Changsheng arrived in a hurry with a few elders, and Xiao Lan was among them.

They were all shocked when they saw Chen Ping’s bruised and battered appearance.

“Chen Ping, what happened to you?”

Xiaolan inquired as she stepped forward with a heartfelt face.

“It’s a long story, I’ll tell you guys about it later!” Chen Ping finished speaking and looked at Xu Changsheng, “Elder Xu, you immediately prepare the herbs needed for the Return to Heaven Pill now, I want to refine the Return to Heaven Pill.”

“Valley Master, you are now …………”

“Go quickly, don’t mind me, I’ll be fine after resting by myself for a while!”

Chen Ping urged at Xu Changsheng.

Xu Changsheng went off to prepare the herbs, while Chen Ping was helped into the Pill God Valley by Xiao Lan.

In the room, Chen Ping recuperated and slowly recovered from his injuries, his Heart Condensation Technique running at a rapid pace, desperately absorbing the spiritual Qi around him, even some of the spiritual Qi that had just recovered within the Dragon Crystal.

However, this spiritual energy was not enough to restore Chen Ping to his peak state. With his current strength, Chen Ping could not practice the Heaven Returning Pill.

Slowly opening his eyes, he found that it was already dark outside. Chen Ping’s body could no longer see his injuries, but his body was still a little weak and had not fully recovered.

Chen Ping walked to the Hall of the Medicine God and found it empty, presumably all had gone to prepare the herbs, while the Shen Nong Cauldron was quietly towering in the middle of the hall.

Gently stroking the divine Nong Cauldron, Chen Ping poked a ray of his divine sense into it and soon, he felt an ancient and fresh aura, an aura that made Chen Ping feel very comfortable.

This aura, which seemed like spiritual qi and not spiritual qi, surprisingly allowed Chen Ping’s weak body to recover quickly.

“Could it be that there are still mysteries within this tripod?”

Chen Ping felt the aura and was very amazed in his heart.

Ever since Chen Ping had obtained the Shennong Cauldron, he had never explored it carefully, and had only used it to refine pills a few times.

Looking at the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron in front of him, Chen Ping suddenly leapt forward and jumped directly into the cauldron.

Inside the censer, Chen Ping saw that there was a small line of writing on the inner wall.

“The male tiger roars in the mountains, the female dragon roars at the bottom of the sea. The jade pistil spurts from the free gate, and the golden Ying vomits from the Kan household. Eight taels of gold on the upper string, half a catty of water on the lower string.”

After Chen Ping finished reading it, he was trying to think about what it meant when a blinding light instantly emitted from the bronze censer and an aura instantly wrapped Chen Ping in it, directly causing him to pa*s out.

Snort ……

Chen Ping’s body seemed to be sliced by a sharp instrument, but he didn’t feel a thing.

At this moment, Chen Ping was like being in the middle of that sea of breath, his body hungering and thirsting to absorb the surrounding breath.

Curled up, Chen Ping had a satisfied smile on his face, it was like he was in a dream, yet he found it so real.

But then, the sea in front of him disappeared and was replaced by a sea of blazing fire.

The heat of the flames caused pain all over Chen Ping’s body, and he desperately tried to escape, but found that he could not escape at all.

He wanted to shout, but he could not do so.

The hot flames continued to burn Chen Ping, and the skin on Chen Ping’s body began to peel off layer by layer, and then grow layer by layer.

In the end, the pain was so intense that Chen Ping had lost consciousness.

After an unknown amount of time, Chen Ping was woken up by a soft cry.

“Chen Ping, Chen Ping, why are you sleeping in here?”

Xiao Lan looked at Chen Ping, who was curled up inside the Divine Nong Ding, and kept calling out.