Phoenix Among Men Chapter 897

Chen Ping slowly opened his eyes and found Xiao Lan looking at him in surprise.

Chen Ping got up and jumped out from inside the tripod. He saw that apart from Xiao Lan, Xu Changsheng was also there with a few elders.

They had prepared the herbs and had wanted to go and call out to Chen Ping, but found that he was not in his room. Several people came to the main hall and found that Chen Ping had actually slept inside the Divine Nong Cauldron.

“Why are you sleeping in here?” Xiaolan once again asked strangely.

“I …… I don’t know!”

Chen Ping frowned slightly, he only remembered that he had jumped inside the tripod, and it was like he was dreaming afterwards.

“You don’t know yourself?” Xiaolan was even more puzzled by this.

Chen Ping took a deep breath and closed his eyes to explore his body, he was surprised to find that the tendons and bones in his body were all shining with a golden glow as well, and the spiritual qi within his dantian was as vast as an ocean.

Chen Ping looked at the divine Nong Cauldron in front of him, and with a flick of his palm, a light blue flame began to rise within the divine Nong Cauldron, the flame moving with Chen Ping’s mind, sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller.

“Elder Xu, have you finished preparing the herbs you were told to prepare?”

Chen Ping asked as he turned to Xu Changsheng.

“Valley Master, they are all ready!” Xu Changsheng hurriedly replied.

“Good, you can cast the herbs in ……”

As Chen Ping finished speaking, his mind moved and the flames within the Divine Nong Cauldron flourished.

Xu Changsheng and several elders hurriedly threw the medicinal herbs into the censer, knowing that to refine the Heavenly Return Pill, these were all very precious medicinal herbs, and if they were taken outside, they would all be priceless, and only the Pill God Valley could collect so many precious medicinal herbs in such a short time.

As the herbs were put in, the spiritual energy emitted from the precious herbs was all enveloped within the Divine Farming Cauldron.

Several hours later, a Heaven Returning Pill appeared inside the Divine Nong Cauldron, and the pale blue flame gradually went out.

In addition to the need for these precious herbs, the loss of spiritual energy for the alchemist was also enormous.

However, after Chen Ping finished refining the Heaven Returning Pill, his body did not have a trace of fatigue, and his dantian was still filled with spiritual energy.

“Does it mean that just now was not a dream?” Exultation appeared on Chen Ping’s face.

“What are you muttering about?”

Xiao Lan asked as she saw that Chen Ping seemed to be somewhat abnormal, muttering to himself.

“This Shennong Cauldron is really good, not only can it make pills, it can also cure diseases and strengthen the body ……”

Chen Ping said happily.

“Valley Master, this Shennong Cauldron is an ancient object, I wonder how many powerful people have refined pills in this Shennong Cauldron, and how many exotic herbs have been refined in this Shennong Cauldron, for so many years, this Shennong Cauldron must have absorbed a lot of breath as well.”

When Xu Changsheng said so, Chen Ping suddenly realized that it seemed that it really wasn’t a dream, but that he had triggered a formation within the divine Nong Cauldron, allowing him to absorb the breath stored within the divine Nong Cauldron, while also forging his body with the sacred fire within it.

In this way, it seemed that as long as one kept using the Shennong Cauldron to refine pills, then the breath would be constantly stored within the Cauldron, which would then be available for one’s cultivation.

“Hahahaha, good stuff, really good stuff …………”

Chen Ping laughed out loud, excited inwardly.

He himself had the Dragon Crystal, which could generate its own spiritual Qi every day to store in it for his own cultivation, and now this Shennong Cauldron could also help him cultivate, this was like a blessing in the snow for Chen Ping!

Looking at Chen Ping’s sudden frenzied laughter, Xiao Lan looked at him with strange eyes, thinking that Chen Ping had gone mad.

At this moment, only Chen Ping himself knew how important the secret inside this divine Nong Ding was to him!

If Chen Ping was strong enough, he wouldn’t be in such a mess today. Facing a Xuan Yuan family, Chen Ping was still like this, so what if he faced the Dragon family?

What could Chen Ping rely on to take revenge on the Dragon Family and save his mother?