Phoenix Among Men Chapter 903

But this time was different, this was a message from the Kyoto Martial Arts Union, and no matter which region of the Grand Xia Kingdom the clan and family were from, they would all be concerned about this message.

“Who the hell is this Chen Ping? How dare he invite the Kyoto Martial Dao Alliance to come out and speak for him.”

“Is this the guy who swallowed the dragon crystal.”

“What kind of power does this kid have behind him? He’s not the son of any family, is he?”

“Bull, it’s worth dying if I can get the Kyoto Martial Dao Alliance to speak up for me in my life ……”

Many people on the forum were buzzing with discussion, and Chen Ping’s name instantly became a household name in the martial arts world.

But this was not the result Chen Ping wanted, he just wanted to keep a low profile and cultivate at ease, when his strength allowed, he would kill the Long family and save his mother, and the man who had negatively affected his mother, which was Chen Ping’s real father, Chen Ping was now eager to know what his father really was.

Such a perverted Heart Condensation Skill, a ring that could control the entire Heavenly Dragon Hall, this was not something that ordinary people could possess, a power like the Shadowless Villa was only a hall of the Heavenly Dragon Hall, so it could be seen how perverted the Heavenly Dragon Hall was!

When the time came to find out all thirteen halls of the Heavenly Dragon Hall, Chen Ping couldn’t believe how awesome the Heavenly Dragon Hall would be then, and as the Hall Master of the Heavenly Dragon Hall, he himself should have no problem exterminating a Dragon Family.

The current Chen Ping did not yet know that in the future, he would be conquering the entire world, and even the entire star realm, as the Heavenly Dragon Hall’s Hall Master, and the strength of the Heavenly Dragon Hall had long since exceeded his imagination.

The Xuan Yuan family hall!

“D*mn it, how did this kid climb the Martial Alliance?”

Xuan Yuan Yan looked at the message sent out by the Martial Dao Alliance on the forum and angrily slammed the phone in his hand onto the ground.

“Big brother, this must be a message from above and the Martial Dao Alliance gave a face, how can that kid Chen Ping say that he is also representing the Protector Pavilion in the battle, I think it is possible that he is trying to use his official status to provide himself with protection ……”

Xuan Yuan Rong said from the side.

“Hmph, a Protector Pavilion instructor’s identity still can’t protect him, when he finishes the match then, I’ll see who still protects him ……”

Xuan Yuan Yan’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

His own son had one of his arms chopped off by Chen Ping, Xuan Yuan Rong had been severely beaten and humiliated by Chen Ping, and Xuan Yuan Yan had not been able to get any advantage when he fought with Chen Ping, which had made Xuan Yuan Yan mad long ago.

The Dragon Family!

Long Jingguo looked at the message sent out by the Martial Arts Alliance, his eyes slightly narrowed, and the expression on his face could not be seen whether he was sad or happy.

“This kid seems to have some tricks up his sleeve, knowing to use the power of the official family and then having the Martial Dao Alliance help him make his voice heard ……”

Long Jingguo said indifferently.

“Family Lord, this message from the Martial Dao Alliance is not aimed at our Long Family, it should be sent to other clan families to read, after all, many clan families are spying on the dragon crystal inside that Chen Ping, especially that Xuanyuan family, Xuanyuan Kai’s one hand was cut off by this kid, and also took the position of Xuanyuan Rong Guardian Pavilion instructor, now that Xuanyuan Yan is probably going to be furious ……”

Long Xingxu said from the side.

“Looking at this kid’s nature, there is some of my dragon family bloodline, if this Chen Ping is really my nephew, I am still a bit reluctant to kill him ……”

Long Jingguo said with a cold smile.

“Family head, raising a tiger is a problem, if this Chen Ping is really Missy’s son, I am afraid that in the future …………”

“Are you teaching me to do something?” Long Jingguo frowned slightly, and the incomparably cold aura of his body instantly enveloped Long Xingxu.

Long Xingxu was so frightened that he was covered in sweat and hurriedly fell to his knees, “Family head, I know I’m wrong ……”

“Remember, you are only a side branch of the Long Family, don’t really think of yourself as the young master of the Long Family and point your finger, mind your own identity ……”

Long Jingguo said with sharp eyes.