Phoenix Among Men Chapter 904

It was not easy for Long Jingguo to win the position of family head. He had to go to great lengths to get the position, and he had to block his own father to get it.

He regarded this position as more important than anything else, of course, he would not let the side branches of the Long family, meddle in the affairs of the Long family, they only know to do as they are told.

“I remember ……”

Long Xingxu nodded his head repeatedly.

“You also go and send a message on behalf of my Dragon Family that no one can kill that Chen Ping, or else don’t blame my Dragon Family for flipping out ……”

If Chen Ping was really his nephew, Long Jingguo was still planning to threaten his sister with Chen Ping’s life, and if Chen Ping died, it would lose its value.

“Understood ……” Long Xingxu retreated.

Soon, another message popped up above the martial arts forum.

It was posted by the Dragon Family, warning the clans and families that they could not kill Chen Ping.

The Martial Dao Alliance and the Dragon Family had all spoken out for Chen Ping, which had shocked the Martial Dao community enough.

None of them could understand why the Dragon Family suddenly jumped out and wanted to protect Chen Ping’s life.

Could it be that Chen Ping had something to do with the Long Family?

This matter was only known to Chen Ping following the Long Family, after all, this kind of matter was a family scandal, so how could the Long Family publicize it and let the crowd know about it?

“Mr. Chen, take a quick look at ……”

Zhao Wuji took the message posted by the Dragon Family on the Martial Dao Forum and hurriedly found Chen Ping: “This Dragon Family has actually spoken out to protect Mr. Chen as well, could it be that Mr. Chen has some kind of connection with the Dragon Family?”

Zhao Wuji was surprised, he had not heard that Chen Ping had any connections with the Dragon Family, if Chen Ping really had connections with the Dragon Family, then there would be no need for them to use their Protector’s Pavilion to shelter him in Kyoto with their official status.

Chen Ping looked at the message sent by the Long Family, although he did not know why the Long Family had sent this message, but it was certain that the Long Family must have suspected his identity.

At that time, both Long Wu and Old Dragon Leader had cautioned him to keep a low profile as much as possible, so that the later the Dragon Family found out about him, the better, after all, then Chen Ping could use more time to cultivate.

But right now, the Dragon Family must have suspected his identity, and the reason for sending out such a message was that it would only be useful to the Dragon Family if Chen Ping was captured alive by the Dragon Family.

“I don’t have much connection with the Dragon Family, maybe they saw the news posted by the Martial Alliance, so they followed suit to rub it in ……”

Chen Ping said casually.

Zhao Wuji saw this and did not ask anything, with the power of the Dragon Family, where would they need to rub the heat, there were quite a few va*sal families under the Dragon Family, they almost accounted for one third of the entire Kyoto martial arts world.

The Dragon Family has a lot of weight within the Martial Arts Alliance, and has a lot of say in the matter.

With the news posted by the Martial Arts Alliance and the Dragon Family in the Martial Arts Forum, Chen Ping would definitely be safe before the competition, and no clan or family would dare to make a move against Chen Ping at this time, unless they didn’t want to live anymore.

It was as if Chen Ping had a talisman, so he spent the whole day wandering around Kyoto, as the competition was still a few days away anyway.

Originally he wanted to visit Zhao Liguo to see how he was recovering, but in the end he didn’t go because Chen Ping knew that he was now a celebrity in the martial arts world and if he ran to the Shadowless Villa, he might bring disaster to the Villa.

Because he was not very familiar with Kyoto, Chen Ping let Bai Zhan Tang, a native of Kyoto, become his guide.

Xiaolan also followed Chen Ping around, eating Kyoto’s food and exploring its beautiful scenery, not to mention how happy he was.

“Zhan Tang, Kyoto is a historical imperial capital, many imperial tombs are located here, it’s the right time to take us for a stroll ……”

Chen Ping wanted Bai Zhan Tang to take him around to the place where the emperor’s tombs were located.