Phoenix Among Men Chapter 907

With this slap, Hu Baqi was slapping directly at Chen Ping’s head, clearly intending to kill him with a single blow!


The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly, then his body turned and a palm followed suit.


After a dull sound, Hu Baqi felt a strong force hit him, and his entire body instantly flew backwards, his entire arm being vaguely painful from the shock.

“This …………”

Hu Baqi looked at Chen Ping in shock, he did not understand how Chen Ping, a peak Grand Master, could possibly force himself, a Martial Sect, backwards?

“Who the hell are you?”

Hu Baqi’s face was stony as he asked.

“I don’t change my name when I walk, I don’t change my surname, Chen Ping is me ……”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile.

“Chen Ping, you are Chen Ping?”

Hu Baqi’s eyes were wide open, his face full of surprise.

The recent Chen Ping, that could be considered a celebrity in the Martial Dao world, almost no one didn’t know him, the Martial Dao Alliance and the Dragon Family were all speaking out for Chen Ping, this was something that was not often seen in the Martial Dao world.

“You know me too?” Chen Ping saw that expression on Hu Baqi’s face and asked.

“To be able to get the Martial Dao Alliance and the Dragon Family to bail you out, it seems that you have some real skills as well, today is a misunderstanding, please visit our Hu Family when you have the chance ……”

After Hu Baqi finished speaking, with a casual move, all eight crystal balls returned to his hand, followed by a turn and left.

After Hu Baqi left, Bai Zhantang looked at Chen Ping and said, “Mr. Chen, could this really be an ancient tomb?”

“I’m not sure, it’s just that Yin Qi is coming out of the ground here, there should be a tomb underneath, only this Yin Qi is not dense, so I’m not sure, I’ll check it out first ……”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, his eyes were slightly closed and he walked with his eyes closed according to the position of the five elements and eight trigrams, after Chen Ping walked, a deep trace was left on the ground, soon these traces formed the pattern of the eight trigrams.

Chen Ping stood in the middle of the eight trigrams, golden light emerged from his palm, and then the golden light in his hand kept popping out and landing all around the eight trigrams.

Buzzing …………

After a roaring sound, the entire small mountain seemed to shake, only to quickly regain its calm.

The golden light around the eight trigrams diagram then disappeared as well, while the eight trigrams diagram on the ground also became fainter and fainter, and eventually could not be seen.

“Mr. Chen, how is it?”

Bai Zhantang hurriedly ran over and asked.

Cold sweat broke out on Chen Ping’s forehead, but his face could not hide his excitement as he said, “This is indeed an ancient tomb, and it is also an emperor’s tomb, but there are formations imprisoning this emperor’s tomb, so I cannot detect the situation inside, but there will definitely be treasures inside.”

“An emperor’s tomb?” Bai Zhan Tang looked puzzled, “Aren’t all those emperor tombs excavated out next to each other? How come there is still an imperial tomb here, has no one discovered it after all these years?”

“Didn’t I say that this emperor’s tomb is imprisoned by a formation, so it can’t be discovered at all from outside. If it wasn’t for the fact that this formation is old and its effectiveness has weakened, giving off a hint of Yin Qi, I’m afraid no one would have been able to discover it. I think that Hu Baqi must have sensed the Yin Qi coming out of this place, and that’s why he used the Seven Star Formation to explore the tomb here.”

Chen Ping explained.

“Then what do we do? Dig this place up?” Bai Zhan Tang asked with a bit of excitement.

You know that inside the emperor’s tomb, there can be treasures everywhere, and there might even be things inside to aid cultivation!

“Can’t dig ……” Chen Ping shook his head, the competition was coming up soon, Chen Ping didn’t have time to dig the tomb, not to mention that if he excavated with great fanfare, the other clans and families would definitely know about it, would those people watch Chen Ping dig?

“Mr. Chen, if we don’t dig, I’m afraid that the Hu family won’t let this place go, when we let the Hu family make the first move, nothing will be ours.”

Bai Zhan Tang said anxiously.