Phoenix Among Men Chapter 908

“Don’t worry, that Hu Baqi shouldn’t dare to be convinced that this is an ancient tomb yet, I’m using a formation to seal the place for now so that they can’t explore it, we’ll make plans afterwards ……”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, his palms flipped violently and a light blue flame appeared above Chen Ping’s palms.

Chen Ping then flicked his fingers, and a light blue flame shot out in all directions, and after it fell to the ground, it instantly burrowed into the mud.

Looking at Chen Ping’s divine means, Bai Zhan Tang was both envious and admiring, he didn’t know when he would be able to follow Chen Ping in such a powerful way.

“Don’t mention …… what happened today to anyone.”

Chen Ping barked at Bai Zhan Tang and Xiao Lan.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Chen!” Bai Zhantang nodded.

Such an imperial tomb, if others knew about it, they would fight for their lives to excavate it, and in front of huge profits, many people would not want their lives.

Shortly after Chen Ping led Bai Zhantang and the others away, Hu Baji returned quietly once again.

He cast the Seven Star Formation and scouted the entire small mountain bag for several hours, but found nothing at all.

“Could it be that my senses were wrong?”

Hu Baqi was puzzled, and finally had to leave.


A few days later, the international tournament officially began!

Experts from five countries gathered in Daxia, these five countries were the Bear Country, the Arau Country, the Island Country, the Indian Country and the Tai Country!

This international tournament attracted the attention of many clans and families in the martial arts world, because this time there was a sword saint, Ichiro Watanabe, who followed the island nation, and the martial arts world of Daxia was all too familiar with this sword saint, Ichiro Watanabe.

In an international tournament six years ago, Ichiro Watanabe used his superb swordsmanship to defeat five people from Daxia in a row, three of whom died of their wounds, and that tournament became a disgrace to Daxia.

Ichiro Watanabe also publicly humiliated the Daxia martial arts community on the stage, which angered the Daxia martial arts community, and many began to plot to intercept and kill Ichiro Watanabe on his way back to the country, but it was only when the top bra*s intervened that this was stopped.

But the Daxia martial arts community also remembered this man, and there are countless truly wondrous and righteous men and hidden masters in the martial arts community, except that none of these people would choose to join the officials or compete in tournaments.

This made Ichiro Watanabe really think that there were no masters in the martial arts world of Daxia, and that they would admit to being bullied!

After that time, Ichiro Watanabe never came to Daxia again, nor did he participate in the tournament, I heard that he was in seclusion.

This time, Ichiro Watanabe came to Daxia again, instantly making many clans and families in the martial arts world interested and ready to watch the competition.

There were also many people who wanted to see who this Chen Ping was, who could make the Martial Arts Union and the Dragon Family join together to protect him!

The hall of the Kyoto Protectorate!

At this moment, everyone in the Protector’s Pavilion was gathered here, and Zhao Wuji’s face was very grave.

“This time, that Watanabe Ichiro is actually here again, and I heard that after this retreat, this guy has grown a lot in strength, now no one knows what realm this Watanabe Ichiro has reached, I’m afraid that Mr. Chen he ………… ”

Zhao Wuji was worried that Chen Ping was not a match for that Watanabe Ichiro.

If Chen Ping was really not a match for Watanabe Ichiro, then Chen Ping would be in danger, this Watanabe Ichiro often put his opponents to death during the bouts.

However, there are rules in the martial arts arena that all have to sign a life and death battle, so even if he kills his opponent, he will not be punished, after all, the sword has no eyes.

After all, there are no enemies, so why hurt someone’s life and add to your problems?

But not this Ichiro Watanabe. Those who fought against him were either killed or injured, and all of them were seriously injured.